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Core Topics in Critical Care Medicine


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 (ISBN-13: 9780511718205)

The critical care unit manages patients with a vast range of disease and injuries affecting every organ system. The unit can initially be a daunting environment, with complex monitoring equipment producing large volumes of clinical data. Core Topics in Critical Care Medicine is a practical, comprehensive, introductory-level text for any clinician in their first few months in the critical care unit. It guides clinicians in both the initial assessment and the clinical management of all CCU patients, demystifying the critical care unit and providing key knowledge in a concise and accessible manner. The full spectrum of disorders likely to be encountered in critical care are discussed, with additional chapters on transfer and admission, imaging in the CCU, structure and organisation of the unit, and ethical and legal issues. Written by Critical Care experts, Core Topics in Critical Care Medicine provides comprehensive, concise and easily accessible information for all trainees.

• Wide-ranging content encompasses the full spectrum of disorders encountered on the unit • Written by expert trainers who know how to present the complex critical care environment in an accessible style • Final chapter gives examples of mock MCQs and vivas in critical care to assist trainees preparing for examinations in Critical Care


Foreword; Preface; Part I. Specific Features of Critical Care Medicine: 1. Recognition of critical illness Edwin Mitchell; 2. Advanced airway management Isma Quasim; 3. Patient admission and discharge Santhana Kannan; 4. Transfer of the critically ill Gavin Perkins; 5. Scoring systems and outcome Roger Stedman; 6. Information management in critical care Roger Stedman; 7. Haemodynamics monitoring Anil Kumar and Joyce Yeung; 8. Critical care imaging modalities Frances Aitchison; 9. Vasoactive drugs Mamta Patel; 10. Nutrition Yasser Tolba; 11. Pain control Edwin Mitchell; 12. Sedation Joyce Yeung; 13. Ethics John Bleasdale; 14. Organ donation Angeline Simons and Joyce Yeung; Part II. Systemic Disorders and Management: 15. Sepsis Yasser Tolba and David Thickett; 16. Multiple organ failure Zahid Khan; 17. Immunosuppressed patients Tara Quasim; 18. Principles of antibiotics use Edwin Mitchell; 19. Fluid and electrolyte disorders Prasad Bheemasenachar; 20. Acid–base abnormalities Prasad Bheemasenachar; 21. Post-operative critical care Prasad Bheemasenachar; 22. Post-resuscitation care Gavin Perkins; Part III. Organ Dysfunction and Management: 23. Bleeding and clotting disorders Nick Murphy; 24. Acute coronary syndromes Singh Harjot and Whitehouse Tony; 25. Cardiac arrhythmias Khai Ping Ng and George Pulikal; 26. Acute heart failure Harjot Singh and Tony Whitehouse; 27. Mechanical ventilation Bill Tunnicliffe; 28. Failure of ventilation Darshan Pandit and Joyce Yeung; 29. Failure of oxygenation Darshan Pandit and Joyce Yeung; 30. Respiratory weaning Darshan Pandit; 31. Non-invasive ventilation Thickett David; 32. Unconventional strategies for respiratory support Bill Tunnicliffe; 33. Acute gastrointestinal bleeding and perforation Mamta Patel and Richard Skone; 34. Severe acute pancreatitis Andrew Burtenshaw and Neil Crooks; 35. Poisoning Zahid Khan; 36. Liver failure Nick Murphy and Joyce Yeung; 37. Acute renal failure Andrew Burtenshaw; 38. Renal replacement therapy Andrew Burtenshaw; 39. Status epilepticus Joyce Yeung; 40. Abnormal levels of consciousness Anil Kumar; 41. Meningitis and encephalitis Nick Sherwood; 42. Traumatic brain injury Randeep Mullhi and Sandeep Walia; 43. Trauma and burns Catherine Snelson; 44. Eclampsia and pre-eclampsia John Clift; 45. Obstetric emergencies in the ICU John Clift and Elinor Powell; 46. Paediatric emergencies Nageena Hussain and Joyce Yeung; Part IV. Examinations: 47. Core areas required for UK/European Diploma examinations Zahid Khan; 48. Examples of mock MCQs and viva questions Zahid Khan.


Edwin Mitchell, Isma Quasim, Santhana Kannan, Gavin Perkins, Roger Stedman, Anil Kumar, Frances Aitchison, Mamta Patel, Yasser Tolba, Joyce Yeung, John Bleasdale, Zahid Khan, Yasser Tolba, M. Khalil, Tara Quasim, Prasad Bheemasenachar, Angeline Simons, Nick Murphy, Tony Whitehouse, Harjot Singh, Khai Ping, Bill Tunnicliffe, Darshan Pandit, David Thicket, Andrew Burtenshaw, Neil H. Crooks, Nick Sherwood, Sandeep Walia, Randeep Mullhi, Catherine Snelson, John Clift, Nageena Hussain

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