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New Theory of the Earth
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  • 122 b/w illus. 73 tables
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 (ISBN-13: 9780511271298)


  Preface and Philosophy page ix
  Abbreviations and acronyms xiv
partI   Planetary perspective 1
chapter1   Origin and early history 3
chapter2   Comparative planetology 12
chapter3   The building blocks of planets 22
partII   Earth: the dynamic planet 33
chapter4   The outer shells of Earth 35
chapter5   The eclogite engine 58
chapter6   The shape of the Earth 62
chapter7   Convection and complexity 73
partIII   Radial and lateral structure 89
chapter8   Let’s take it from the top: the crust and upper mantle 91
chapter9   A laminated lumpy mantle 109
chapter10   The bowels of the Earth 116
chapter11   Geotomography: heterogeneity of the mantle 124
partIV   Sampling the Earth 141
chapter12   Statistics and other damned lies 143
chapter13   Making an Earth 153
chapter14   Magmas: windows into the mantle 168
chapter15   The hard rock cafe 189
chapter16   Noble gas isotopes 198
chapter17   The other isotopes 211
partV   Mineral physics 231
chapter18   Elasticity and solid-state geophysics 233
chapter19   Dissipation 246
chapter20   Fabric of the mantle 256
chapter21   Nonelastic and transport properties 274
chapter22   Squeezing: phase changes and mantle mineralogy 282
partVI   Origin and evolution of the layers and blobs 299
chapter23   The upper mantle 301
chapter24   The nature and cause of mantle heterogeneity 312
chapter25   Crystallization of the mantle 318
partVII   Energetics 331
chapter26   Terrestrial heat flow 333
chapter27   The thermal history of the Earth 349
  References and notes 356
  Appendix 375
  Index 380

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