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 (ISBN-13: 9788483233146 | ISBN-10: 8483233142)

Así Me Gusta is a new three-level course for learners of Spanish. It focuses on communication needs, presents vocabulary and grammar in context, and deals with the multicultural aspects of the Spanish language. The course involves students emotionally in their learning process and is fully endorsed by the Insitituto Cervantes. Así Me Gusta fulfils the requirements of the Common European Framework of reference for languages and prepares students for the DELE exams.


This is the way we start; Unit 1. Enter the 'Así me gusta' chat; Unit 2. Choose a colour; Unit 3. Tell me what you like; Unit 4. Live the dad to day; Unit 5. Have fun; Unit 6. Go shopping; Unit 7. Change jobs; Unit 8. Look after yourself; Unit 9. Make plans; Unit 10. Try to remember; Appendix; Summary of the language and functions Verb lists

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