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Ian Donald


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 (ISBN-13: 9781904752004 | ISBN-10: 1904752004)

Ian Donald was a controversial character who was revolutionary in many aspects of obstetric practice. An inspirational teacher and a caring clinician, his greatest contribution to his profession was in medical ultrasound. 'If you seek his memorial, look around you - and in every maternity hospital you will see ultrasound in use.' In this book, the journey from the initial experiments with early 'flaw detectors', through to Ian's single-minded determination to develop the technique into a useful diagnostic tool (resulting in his eventual success) is described both in his own words and from the memories of the authors, who were intimately involved in the process.

• Donald was one of the giants of British obstetrics and gynaecology, and one of the first physicians to use ultrasound for prenatal assessment and diagnosis • A lively personal memoir written by two men who were colleagues and friends of Ian Donald for more than thirty years • Opens a window onto the history and development of obstetrics and gynaecology and the use of ultrasound


1. Early life and training; 2. London 1946–54; 3. Appointment to the Glasgow Chair; 4. Glasgow obstetrics in the Fifties; 5. Sharing Enthusiasm: a textbook – and a teacher – with a difference; 6. The Western Infirmary Wards G9 and 10; 7. The cutting edge – in the operating theatre; 8. The Queen Mother's Hospital; 9. Science and serendipity: ultrasound takes off; 10. Home life and hobbies; 11. 'Naught for your comfort': social reform and medical ethics in a changing world; 12. 'At the receiving end': courage and faith; 13. 'The evening cometh': international fame, continued battle with illness and home happiness in retirement; Sources; Index.

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