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Seminars in the Psychotherapies


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 (ISBN-13: 9781904671459)

Seminars in the Psychotherapies presents an overview of the major established psychotherapies for which there is a growing evidence base and provides background knowledge for psychiatrists who are developing their therapeutic skills. Dynamic psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy and systemic therapy - the three main modalities required for trainees in general psychiatry and for psychiatrists training in psychotherapy - are emphasised. As well as exploring the differences between therapies, there is discussion of the common ground. Clinical examples are used throughout to highlight how theory can be applied to practice and to illustrate how different theoretical concepts are linked. Group psychotherapy, family therapy, therapy with children and adolescents, and psychotherapy research are also discussed. Aimed primarily at trainees, Seminars in the Psychotherapies is also relevant for psychotherapists from different professional backgrounds and for psychiatrists in other specialties who wish to update themselves on psychotherapy. All the main types of psychotherapy are covered. Links between different approaches are explored. Theory is linked to practice through clinical examples. A broad developmental perspective is taken.


Contents; Preface; Acknowledgements; 1. Assessment in psychotherapy Frank Margison and Phil Brown; 2. Psychodynamic theories I John Shemilt and Jane Naismith; 3. Psychodynamic theories II John Shemilt and Jane Naismith; 4. Psychodynamic therapy with individuals Sandra Grant; 5. Cognitive analytic therapy Tom Murphy and Susan Llewelyn; 6. Behavioural and cognitive theories Lynne M. Drummond and Hilary Warwick; 7. Behavioural and cognitive therapies Lynne M. Drummond and Hilary Warwick; 8. Cognitive therapy for severe mental disorders Jan Scott; 9. Group psychotherapy John Hook; 10. Child and adolescent individual psychoanalytical psychotherapy Jean Robinson; 11. Family therapy and systemic practice Graham Bryce; 12. Research in psychotherapy Anthony Bateman; Index.


Frank Margison, Phil Brown, John Shemilt, Jane Naismith, Sandra Grant, Tom Murphy, Susan Llewelyn, Lynne M. Drummond, Hilary Warwick, Jan Scott, John Hook, Jean Robinson, Graham Bryce, Anthony Bateman

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