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Seminars in General Adult Psychiatry


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 (ISBN-13: 9781904671442)

This second edition of Seminars in General Adult Psychiatry provides a highly readable and comprehensive account of modern adult psychiatry. Key features of the first edition that have been retained are the detailed clinical descriptions of psychiatric disorders, and historical sections to give the reader access to the classic studies of psychiatry as well as the current evidence. Additional topics covered here for the first time include liaison psychiatry, psychosexual medicine, clinical epidemiology, and international and cultural psychiatry. Clinical management is given due prominence, with extensive accounts of modern drug management, cognitive therapy, the main psychosocial approaches, and current guidelines such as those published by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. An essential text for trainees studying for their MRCPsych, this book is also a one-stop reference work for established practitioners, providing comprehensive coverage of the whole of adult psychiatry.

• Provides detailed clinical descriptions of both common and rare psychiatric disorders • Offers accounts of the history, epidemiology, diagnosis and clinical management of all the broad categories of disorder • The second edition includes new chapters on liaison psychiatry, clinical epidemiology, psychosexual medicine, and international and cultural psychiatry


Contents; List of tables, boxes and figures; List of contributors; Preface to the second edition; Preface to the first edition; 1. Clinical features of depressive disorders Alan Lee; 2. Mania, bipolar disorder and their treatment John Cookson; 3. The causes of depression Kezia Lange and Anne Farmer; 4. Drug treatment of depression Morris Bernadt; 5. Electroconvulsive therapy and other physical therapies Arun Jha; 6. Psychological treatment of depression Stirling Moorey; 7. Suicide and non-fatal deliberate self-harm Christopher A. Vassilas, Gethin Morgan, John Owen and George Tadros; 8. Schizophrenia: the clinical picture Peter F. Liddle; 9. Schizoaffective, paranoid and other psychoses Clive Mellor; 10. The aetiology of schizophrenia Pak Sham, Peter Woodruff, Michael Hunter and Julian Leff; 11. The pharmacological management of schizophrenia Amlan Basu, Jerson Pereira and Katherine J. Aitchison; 12. Schizophrenia: psychological and social approaches to treatment and care Frank Holloway and George Stein; 13. Anxiety disorders Spilios Argyropoulos, Adam Campbell and George Stein; 14. Phobias Lynne M. Drummond and Naomi A. Fineberg; 15. Obsessive-compulsive disorder Lynne M. Drummond and Naomi A. Fineberg; 16. Conversion and dissociative disorders, hypochondriasis and chronic pain Tom Brown and Harold Merskey; 17. Psychiatry in the general hospital Hiroko Akagi and Allan House; 18. Clinical features of the personality and impulse control disorders Patricia Casey; 19. Treatment and outcome of the personality disorders Michael Stone; 20. Organic psychiatric disorders Robin Jacobson, Irshaad Ebrahim and Michael Kopelman; 21. Psychiatric aspects of neurological disorders Jonathan Bird and Danny Rogers; 22. Toxic, metabolic and endocrine disorders Roger Howells; 23. Sleep disorders Gregory Stores and Irshaad Ebrahim; 24. Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa Janet Treasure; 25. Perinatal psychiatric disorders George Stein; 26. Psychosexual medicine for psychiatrists Peter Trigwell and Gill Kirk; 27. Clinical epidemiology Matthew Hotopf; 28. Principles of nosology Anne Farmer and Muna Adwa; 29. Mental health services Rosalind Ramsay and Frank Holloway; 30. Psychiatry in general practice Greg Wilkinson; 31. Cultural and international psychiatry Vikram Patel and George Stein; Index.


Alan Lee, John Cookson, Kezia Lange, Anne Farmer, Morris Bernadt, Arun Jha, Stirling Moorey, Christopher A. Vassilas, Gethin Morgan, John Owen, George Tadros, Peter F. Liddle, Clive Mellor, Pak Sham, Peter Woodruff, Michael Hunter, Julian Leff, Amlan Basu, Jerson Pereira, Katherine J. Aitchison, Frank Holloway, George Stein, Spilios Argyropoulos, Adam Campbell, Lynne M. Drummond, Naomi A. Fineberg, Tom Brown, Harold Merskey, Hiroko Akagi, Allan House, Patricia Casey, Michael Stone, Robin Jacobson, Irshaad Ebrahim, Michael Kopelman, Jonathan Bird, Danny Rogers, Roger Howells, Gregory Stores, Janet Treasure, Peter Trigwell, Gill Kirk, Matthew Hotopf, Muna Adwa, Rosalind Ramsay, Greg Wilkinson, Vikram Patel

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