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Fish's Clinical Psychopathology


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 (ISBN-13: 9781904671329)

Fish's Clinical Psychopathology has shaped the psychiatric training and clinical practice of several generations of psychiatrists, but has been out of print for many years. The third edition of this modern classic presents the clinical descriptions and psychopathological insights of Fish to a new generation of students and practitioners. This is an essential text for students of medicine, trainees in psychiatry and practising psychiatrists. It will also be of interest to psychiatric nurses, mental health social workers, clinical psychologists and all readers who value concise descriptions of the symptoms of mental illness and astute accounts of the many and varied manifestations of disordered psychological function. Completely revised edition of classic text. New sections on personality disorder, cognitive distortion, defence mechanisms, memory and unusual psychiatric syndromes. Updated references to contemporary literature.


The authors; Preface; 1. Classification of psychiatric disorders; 2. Disorders of perception; 3. Disorders of thought and speech; 4. Disorders of memory; 5. Disorders of emotion; 6. Disorders of the experience of self; 7. Disorders of consciousness; 8. Motor disorders; 9. Personality disorders; Appendix 1. Psychiatric syndromes; Appendix 2. Defences and distortions.

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