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Seminars in Clinical Psychopharmacology


  • Page extent: 700 pages
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 (ISBN-13: 9781904671084 | ISBN-10: 190467108X)

Psychopharmacology is the key both to rational prescribing in clinical psychiatry and to a fuller understanding of the biological basis of severe mental illness. Now in its second edition, this popular title in the College Seminars Series has been fully revised and updated, and expanded to include a new chapter on the promising and rapidly growing area of pharmacogenomics. Written by practising clinicians with an interest in the neuroscience base of psychiatry, the book integrates theoretical pharmacology with clinical practice. Intended primarily for trainees in psychiatry and related disciplines, this book will interest all those seeking a deeper understanding of the recent scientific developments in psychopharmacology. Three sections cover: general principles, including receptor neuropharmacology, clinical pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics; the main psychotropic drugs used widely in general adult psychiatry; and special areas of psychotherapeutics.


Part I. General Principles: 1. Introduction to neuropharmacology Brian E. Leonard; 2. Pharmacogenomics and pharmaco-genetics in psychopharmacology Robert W. Kerwin and Maria J. Arranz; 3. Pharmacokinetics, pharmaco-dynamics and drug development Ian Hindmarch and Graham R. McClelland; 4. The clinical principles underlying drug treatment in psychiatric practice Phil Harrison-Read and Peter Tyrer; Part II. Pharmacology of the Main Psychotropic Drug Groups: 5. Anxiolytics, sedatives and hypnotics Stephen J. Cooper; 6. Affective disorders I: antidepressants Elemer Szabadi and Christopher M. Bradshaw; 7. Affective disorders II: lithium and anticonvulsants Rory Shelley; 8. Affective disorders III: electroconvulsive therapy Stephen J. Cooper, Christopher B. Kelly and Robert J. McClelland; 9. Antipsychotic drugs and the treatment of schizophrenia David J. King and John L. Waddington; 10. Anti-epileptic drugs Robert J. McClelland and James I. Morrow.


Brian E. Leonard, Robert W. Kerwin, Maria J. Arranz, Ian Hindmarch, Graham R. McClelland, Phil Harrison-Read, Peter Tyrer, Stephen J. Cooper, Elemer Szabadi, Christopher M. Bradshaw, Rory Shelley, Christopher B. Kelly, Robert J. McClelland, David J. King, John L. Waddington, James I. Morrow

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