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Young People and Substance Misuse


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 (ISBN-13: 9781904671015 | ISBN-10: 1904671012)

Substance misuse is one of the most common and serious yet preventable risks to a young person's health and development. This book provides an overview of the consequences of substance misuse, the interventions and services available, and, most importantly, the way forward for improving treatment and services. Young People and Substance Misuse brings international expertise together with a UK health care perspective. It will give the reader an in-depth understanding of the issues as well as suggesting practical solutions to a problem that affects so many aspects of the well-being of teenagers. This is a book for all those who need to know more about the options for prevention and treatment - teachers, carers, parents, researchers and policy-makers as well as those working in the criminal justice system, social services and mental health care. The book includes expert analysis of: Prevalence and routes to drug use. Misuse of illicit drugs, alcohol and tobacco. Parental, family and social influences. Treatment and prevention strategies.


List of contributors; Acknowledgements; Preface Hamid Ghodse; 1. Introduction Hamid Ghodse; 2. Prevention programmes Ilana B. Crome and Paul McArdle; 3. The epidemiology of substance misuse in young people Martin Frischer, Paul McArdle and Ilana B. Crome; 4. Determinants of substance misuse Paul McArdle and John Macleod; 5. Social influences Daphne Rumball and Ilana B. Crome; 6. Psychiatric comorbidity Ilana B. Crome; 7. Implications of parental substance misuse Eilish Gilvarry and Ilana B. Crome; 8. Health issues Ilana B. Crome, Daphne Rumball and Mervyn London; 9. Young people and smoking Kate Woodhouse; 10. The process of assessment Ilana B. Crome; 11. Treatment Ilana B. Crome, Paul McArdle, Eilish Gilvarry and Sue Bailey; 12. Perspectives on substance misuse in young offenders Sue Bailey and Ruth Marshall; 13. Ethical and legal principles Carole A. Kaplan and Paul McArdle; 14. Developing an evidence-based model for services Richard Williams, Eilish Gilvarry and Jane Christian; Index.


Hamid Ghodse, Ilana B. Crome, Paul McArdle, Martin Frischer, John Macleod, Daphne Rumball, Eilish Gilvarry, Mervyn London, Kate Woodhouse, Sue Bailey, Ruth Marshall, Carole A. Kaplan, Richard Williams, Jane Christian

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