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 (ISBN-13: 9781900364874 | ISBN-10: 1900364875)

Endometriosis affects a huge number of women throughout the world. It has been estimated that between 1% and 15% of women who are examined for pelvic pain and infertility may have endometriosis; the true prevalence is unknown because diagnosis can only be made with any accuracy by laparoscopic examination of the pelvis. This book provides clinicians with all the information they need in a succinct and clear text, with colour illustrations. Chapters cover: epidemiology and aetiology; diagnosis; investigation; medical treatment; and surgical treatment.

• Succinct and clear introduction to this challenging condition • Covers endometriosis from diagnosis to treatment, including medical and surgical management • Features colour illustrations


Introduction; 1. The epidemiology and aetiology of endometriosis; 2. The diagnosis of endometriosis; 3. The investigation of patients with endometriosis; 4. The medical treatment of endometriosis; 5. The surgical treatment of endometriosis; Conclusion; Index.

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