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  • 125 b/w illus.
  • Page extent: 392 pages
  • Size: 234 x 156 mm
  • Weight: 0.867 kg


 (ISBN-13: 9781841101521 | ISBN-10: 1841101524)

Tracheostomy: A Multi-Professional Handbook is written by a multidisciplinary team of authors to give a unique perspective of this increasingly widely-used technique and which will support research-based care and management and deliver patient-focused rehabilitation. It covers everything from the basics of tracheostomy, through the indications for tracheostomy and all aspects of pre-, peri- and postoperative care of the patient. The latter forms a large part of the book, and focuses on issues of importance to a broad spectrum of healthcare professionals, such as how patient communication is affected by the technique and how optimum wound care during tracheostomy is best achieved, as well as the practical aspects and problems encountered with speech, swallowing and general rehabilitation, nutrition, weaning and decannulation, long-term tracheostomy, tracheostomy in children, and an important chapter on emergency tracheostomy techniques.

• Written by a multidisciplinary team of authors to give a unique perspective • Focuses on practical issues that are of importance to a broad range of healthcare professionals • Covers both elective and emergency techniques • Checklists of key points included with each chapter • Appendix includes key protocols for patient management in a variety of scenarios


List of abbreviations; Preface; Acknowledgement; 1. Anatomy and physiology of the respiratory tract Lorraine de Grey; 2. What is a tracheostomy? Tim Price; 3. Surgical tracheostomy Tim Price; 4. Percutaneous dilatational tracheostomy Jasmine Patel and Basil Matta; 5. Difficult airway Rakesh Tandon; 6. Tracheostomy tubes Claudia Russell; 7. Tracheostomy management in the intensive care unit Lisa Hooper; 8. Humidification Claudine Billau; 9. Suctioning Claudine Billau; 10. Wound care Claire Scase; 11. Swallowing Pippa Hales; 12. Communication Pippa Hales; 13. Tracheostomy tube changes Claudia Russell; 14. Decannulation Hilary Harkin; 15. Tracheostomy and head and neck cancer Tova Prior and Simon Russell; 16. Long-term tracheostomy and continuing care Claire Scase; 17. Paediatric tracheostomy Francis Vaz; 18. Nursing care of a child with tracheostomy Teresa Johnson and Lucy Andrews; 19. Children's tracheostomy care within the community Lucy Andrews; 20. Evie's story Carol Phillips and Kate Bamkin; 21. Infection control issues in the care of patients with a tracheostomy Cheryl Trundle and Rachel Brooks; 22. Nutritional assessment and management of patients with tracheostomies Vicky Gravenstede; Index.


Lorraine de Grey, Tim Price, Jasmine Patel, Basil Matta, Rakesh Tandon, Claudia Russell, Lisa Hooper, Claudine Billau, Claire Scase, Pippa Hales, Hilary Harkin, Tova Prior, Simon Russell, Francis Vaz, Teresa Johnson, Lucy Andrews, Carol Phillips, Kate Bamkin, Cheryl Trundle, Rachel Brooks, Vicky Gravenstede

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