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Language Learning in Distance Education


  • Page extent: 280 pages
  • Size: 228 x 152 mm
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521894555 | ISBN-10: 0521894557)

Distance learning presents language teachers and learners with a new set of challenges, opportunities and practical realities. This book presents a comprehensive overview of important issues within the field and explores the ways in which all participants are adapting their practices in response to the new learning environment.


'Not only does White offer a comprehensive guide to the study of languages at a distance, but much credit should also be given to the author for her successful efforts in unraveling the ever increasing number of competing definitions, overlapping concepts and eclectic approaches that have mushroomed in the field in recent years. Indeed, although White states that the volume will be of particular interest to anyone who has [already] worked within distance learning contexts, I would argue that it is just as suitable for readers with little or no prior expertise in language learning at a distance … I can hardly recommend Language learning in distance education highly enough, as a truly groundbreaking contribution to the study of its topic … provides a sound basis for future research into how distance language learners respond to and reconceptualize their particular learning environments.' Open Learning

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