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Climate Change


  • 29 exercises
  • Page extent: 390 pages
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521870153)

Providing a concise, up-to-date presentation of current knowledge of climate change and its implications for society as a whole, this new edition has been thoroughly updated and extended to include the latest information. The text describes the components of the global climate, considers how the many elements of climate combine to define its behaviour, and reviews how climate change is measured. The author discusses how the causes of climate change can be related to the evidence of change, and modelled to predict future changes. This book is ideally suited for introductory courses in meteorology, oceanography, environmental science, earth science, geography, agriculture and social science. It contains review questions at the end of each chapter to enable readers to monitor their understanding of the materials covered. This book should appeal to an audience with a keen interest in all aspects of the climate change debate.

• Each chapter ends with review questions to allow readers to test own understanding of topics covered • Considers climate change in terms of physical and social sciences, providing a balanced approach to the current debates • Contains the latest information, including analysis of the conclusions of the IPCC fourth assessment review • Time series are presented in a standardised form facilitating easy extraction of principal features of extensive time series


1. Introduction; 2. Radiation and the Earth's energy balance; 3. The elements of the climate; 4. The measurement of climate change; 5. Statistics, significance and cycles; 6. The natural causes of climate change; 7. Human activities; 8. Evidence of climate change; 9. Consequences of climate change; 10. Modelling the climate; 11. Predicting climate change; Bibliography; Glossary; Index.


'… a recommended read for the informed layman and student seeking a wider background in this topical but complex field.' Grant Bigg, Weather

'The book is well written, contains practically no mathematics and yet manages to explain, in a clear and attractive style, the subtleties of the subject … I recommend it to everybody interested in the climate of our earth.' Michael Hantel, Meteoroligsche Zeitschrift

'… the book enthusiastically achieves its aims of not oversimplifying but explaining the complexities of what is well established and unknown about the climate system for a wider audience …' Claire Goodess, International Journal of Climatology

'Burroughs is to be congratulated for having written a serious and up-to-date book that competently surveys many highly technical aspects of modern climate science but manages to do so in a non-mathematical manner.' American Meteorological Society

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