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Cardiac Arrest


  • 351 b/w illus. 1 colour illus.
  • Page extent: 1374 pages
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521847001)

Cardiac Arrest is the definitive and most comprehensive reference in advanced life support and resuscitation medicine. This new edition brings the reader completely up-to-date with developments in the field, focusing on practical issues of decision making, clinical management and prevention, as well as providing clear explanations of the science informing the practice. The coverage includes information on the latest pharmacotherapeutic options, the latest chest compression techniques and airway management protocols, all backed by clearly explained, evidence-based scientific research. The content is consistent with the latest guidelines for practice in this area, as detailed by the major international governing organisations. This volume is essential reading for all those working in the hospital environments of emergency medicine, critical care, cardiology and anesthesia, as well as those providing care in the pre-hospital setting, including paramedics and other staff from the emergency services.

• Provides comprehensive coverage of a condition which takes more lives than any other single medical disease • Reviews both the underlying science and clinical management of sudden death, and is written to cover the latest treatment protocols and guidelines • With an international team of editors and contributors


Part I. Introduction; Part II. Basic Science; Part IV. The Pathophysiology of Global Ischemia and Reperfusion; Part V. Perfusion Pressures; Part VI. Therapy of Sudden Death; Part VII. External Chest Compression; Part VIII. Vasopressor Therapy During Cardiac Arrest; Part IX. Postresuscitation Disease and its Care; Part X. Special Resuscitation Circumstances; Part XI. Special Issues in Resuscitation.

Prize Winner

British Medical Association prize in Cardiology 2008 - Winner


'… It is a tribute to the editors of this book, and the contributors they have selected, that they have managed to produce a book of enormous quality on the science of resuscitation medicine.' The Lancet

'This excellent book, the first of its kind in the field of cardiac arrest, provides a balance of theoretical and clinical information. It achieves a level of authority and sophistication well beyond that of the advanced cardiac life support guidelines and will be of considerable use to all those practicing or teaching clinical resuscitation.' The New England Journal of Medicine

'The book has virtually everything one would ever want to know about the causes of cardiac arrest, the applied physiology, and its treatment. Physicians and nurses involved in the management of critically ill or injured patients should have Cardiac Arrest in their personal libraries for ready reference.' Resuscitation

'This is an extremely comprehensive text, covering all aspects of the current knowledge of resuscitation medicine. … I would recommend this book to anyone with a major interest in resuscitation.' British Journal of Anaesthesia

'The first gut feeling on opening this book is the sheer wealth of expertise and knowledge that the authors are sharing with us. … It achieves what it sets out to do in impressive style and can truly claim to be a comprehensive reference in advanced life support and resuscitation medicine.' Emergency Medicine Journal


Myron Weisfeldt, Mickey S. Eisenberg, Peter Baskett, Douglas Chamberlain, Graham Nichol, David Baker, Kimm Hamann, Dave Beiser, Terry L. Van den Hoek, Lesley A. Kane, Silvia G. Priori, Carlo Napolitano, Dan E. Arking, Jennifer E. Van Eyke, Peter H. Sugden, Wei Xiong, Gordon F. Tomaselli, Martin W. Dünser, Stefan Jochberger, Karl-Heinz Stadlbauer, Volker Wenzel, Jason S. Haukoos, Ronald J. Korthuis, James T. Niemann, Menekhem Zviman, Henry R. Halperin, Johan Herlitz, Anouk van Alem, Volker Wenzel, Karl Wegscheider, Henry Halperin, Sunil K. Sinha, Arthur J. Moss, Hugh G. Calkins, Brian O'Neil, Robert W. Neumar, Uwe Ebmeyer, Gary S. Krause, Thomas Aversano, Kevin R. Ward, Andreas W. Prengel, Michael P. Frenneaux, Stig Steen, Karl B. Kern, Uwe Ebmeyer, Laurence M. Katz, Alan D. Guerci, Tommaso Pellis, Trygve Eftestøl, Hans-Ulrich Strohmenger, Colin Robertson, Catherine Campbell, Ty J. Gluckman, Charles Henrikson, Dominique Ashen, Roger Blumenthal, Leonard A. Cobb, Richard E. Kerber, Charles D. Deakin, Willis A. Tacker, Rudolph W. Koster, Dianne L. Atkins, Roger D. White, Mick Colquhoun, Sian Davies, Mary Ann Peberdy, Sergio Timerman, Ahamed H. Idris, Andrea Gabrielli, Jerry P. Nolan, David A. Gabbott, Barry K. Rayburn, Mark G. Angelos, Thomas Kerz, Gideon Paret, Holger Herff, Max Weil, Shijie Sun, Wanchun Tang, Anette C. Krismer, Martin Dünser, Karl H. Lindner, Markus Zabel, Paul Dorian, Peter Kudenchuk, Edward Platia, Hans-Richard Arntz, Gad Bar-Joseph, Fulvio Kette, Martin von Planta, Lars Wiklund, Joe Bisera, Tom F. Aufderheide, Todd M. Larabee, Norman A. Paradis, Gordon A. Ewy, Michael J. Kellum, Fabian Spöhr, Bernd W. Böttiger, Marko Noc, Bjørn Bendz, Matthias Fischer, Thomas Krafft, Luis García-Castrillo Riesco, Freddy Lippert, Jerry Overton, Iain Robertson-Steel, Johan Herlitz, Michelle Cretikos, Michael Baubin, Walter Rabl, Max Weil, Wanchun Tang, Erga L. Cerchiari, Raúl J. Gazmuri, Iyad M. Ayoub, Juliea Kolarova, Jeejabai Radhakrishnan, Wilhelm Behringer, Stephen Bernard, Michael Holzer, Kees Polderman, Risto Roine, Marjaana Tiainen, Romergryko G. Geocadin, Daniel F. Hanley, Scott M. Eleff, Uwe Ebmeyer, Robert W. Neumar, Alan Cheng, Ronald D. Berger, Robert Berg, Vinay M. Nadkarni, Arthur B. Sanders, Peter Safar, James L. Atkins, Michael T. Handrigan, David Burris, Peter Mair, Beat Walpoth, Tom Silfvast, Birgit Schwarz, Kennon Heard, Wolfgang Ummenhofer, Quinn Hogan, Eldar Soreide, Mathias Zuercher, Mark Stacey, Stephen Morris, Joost Bierens, Peter Morley, David Szpilman, David Warner, Richard Pumphrey, Philip Eisenburger, Benjamin Honigman, Susan Niermeyer, Robert Roach, Wolfgang Voelckel, Wolfgang Lederer, Erga Cerchiari, Peter Kohl, Peter Baskett, Art Sanders, Petter Steen, Alastair Fischer, Graham Nichol, Richard Pawl, Sam Parnia, K. Spearpoint, P.B. Fenwick, Michael Shuster, Walter Kloeck, Edward R. Stapleton, Ulrik Juul Christensen, Allan Braslow, William H. Montgomery, Vinay M. Nadkarni

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