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Embryo and Fetal Pathology


  • 206 b/w illus. 885 colour illus. 442 tables
  • Page extent: 728 pages
  • Size: 279 x 215 mm
  • Weight: 2.695 kg

Library of Congress

  • Dewey number: 618.3/2/00222
  • Dewey version: 22
  • LC Classification: RG626 .G34 2004
  • LC Subject headings:
    • Fetus--Diseases--Diagnosis--Atlases
    • Human embryo--Diseases--Diagnosis--Atlases
    • Fetus--Abnormalities--Atlases
    • Ultrasonics in obstetrics--Atlases
    • Embryology--Atlases

Library of Congress Record


 (ISBN-13: 9780521825290 | ISBN-10: 0521825296)

Exhaustively illustrated in color with over 1000 photographs, figures, histopathology slides, and sonographs, this uniquely authoritative atlas provides the clinician with a visual guide to diagnosing congenital anomalies, both common and rare, in every organ system in the human fetus. It covers the full range of embryo and fetal pathology, from point of death, autopsy and ultrasound, through specific syndromes, intrauterine problems, organ and system defects to multiple births and conjoined twins. Gross pathologic findings are correlated with sonographic features in order that the reader may confirm visually the diagnosis of congenital abnormalities for all organ systems. Obstetricians, perinatologists, neonatologists, geneticists, anatomic pathologists, and all practitioners of maternal-fetal medicine will find this atlas an invaluable resource.

• Fully illustrated in color with over 1000 slides, sonographs and figures • Correlates ultrasound and prenatal diagnosis • Illustrations form a unique dataset derived from a lifetime of work in the field


Foreword John M. Opitz; Preface; Acknowledgments; 1. The human embryo and embryonic growth disorganization; 2. Late fetal death, stillbirth, and neonatal death; 3. Fetal autopsy; 4. Ultrasound of embryo and fetus: part I. General principles Mark Williams and Kathy B. Porter; Part II Major organ system malformations Mark Williams and Kathy B. Porter; Part III Advances in first trimester ultrasound Susan Guidi; 5. Abnormalities of placenta; 6. Chromosomal abnormalities in the embryo and fetus; 7. Terminology of errors of morphogenesis; 8. Malformation syndromes; 9. Dysplasias; 10. Disruptions and amnion rupture sequence; 11. Intrauterine growth retardation; 12. Fetal hydrops and cystic hygroma; 13. Central nervous system defects; 14. Craniofacial defects; 15. Skeletal abnormalities; 16. Cardiovascular system defects; 17. Respiratory system; 18. Gastrointestinal tract and liver; 19. Genito-urinary system; 20. Congenital tumors; 21. Fetal and neonatal skin disorders; 22. Intrauterine infection; 23. Multiple gestations and conjoined twins; 24. Metabolic diseases; Appendices; Index.


'This is a superb book, and the modest title of 'Atlas' belies its comprehensive coverage of perinatal pathology. The text is substantial, and through extensive use of summary tables and bullet points offers a didactic overview of the subject rather than a fully referenced scientific text.'

'This textbook is the best I have seen on the topic of embryonic and fetal pathology. As an atlas, it far surpasses expectations. As a reference book and bench book, it should be on the bookshelf of everyone who has an interest in this area. I highly recommend this book … and found it a pleasure to read.' Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

'This is a fabulous book that will hold interest for any high-risk obstetrician or fetal medicine practitioner.' Hospital Doctor

'This is a lavishly, beautifully illustrated book including many colour photographs. It is unusual in that it includes chapters dealing both with perinatal pathology and also with an introduction to the practicalities of antenatal ultrasound examination. My assessment is that it will prove most useful to those working, or anyone working in a related field who wishes to gain knowledge of this area. … I would recommend this book as a useful addition to the existing texts because of its unusual approach and the quality of the illustrations.' Human Fertility


John M. Opitz, Mark Williams, Kathy B. Porter, Susan Guidi

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