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Women's Health in Mid-Life


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  • Page extent: 386 pages
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Library of Congress

  • Dewey number: 613/.04244
  • Dewey version: 22
  • LC Classification: RA778 .W7548 2004
  • LC Subject headings:
    • Middle-aged women--Health and hygiene
    • Primary care (Medicine)

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 (ISBN-13: 9780521823401 | ISBN-10: 0521823404)

This book highlights the needs and healthcare concerns of women in their midlife. Women, in their middle ages, are often overlooked by medical practitioners. From the end of childbearing to old age, approximately ages 40 to 65, their health needs are complex and changing. This is a time of challenge and opportunity when the physician and woman working collaboratively can change her health and future. Midlife healthcare is far more than hormones. Healthy behaviours such as good nutrition and exercise can be promoted that will result in lower risk and sometimes improved care of heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. Adequate screening and treatment can prevent diseases and complications. The burgeoning literature on allopathic and complementary medicine is critically evaluated and compared to established medical care. Written by 20 primary care physicians, this book will help family practitioners provide the best possible healthcare for these women.

• Highlights opportunities to improve the health and enhance the well-being of women through the menopause and perimenopause • Evaluates and compares the efficacy of complementary medicines with hormone therapy • Covers sexual health and behavioural changes during this transition


List of contributors; 1. Introduction Jo Ann Rosenfeld; Part I. Health Promotion: 2. Physical activity and exercise Tanya A. Miszko; 3. Nutrition Victoria S. Kaprielian, Gwendolyn Murphy and Cathrine Hoyo; 4. Psychosocial health promotion of mid-life women Cathy Morrow; 5. Sexual health Margaret R. H. Nusbaum; 6. Alcoholism, nicotine dependence and drug abuse Mary-Anne Enoch; 7. Depression and anxiety Anne Walling; Part II. Hormonal Changes: 8. Physical changes in menopause and perimenopause Margaret Gradison; 9. Spiritual and psychological aspects of menopause. Melissa H. Hunter and Dana E. King; 10. Hormone therapy Kathy Andolsek; 11. Contraception and fertility Tracey D. Conti; Part III. Disease Prevention: 12. Prevention of coronary heart disease in women Valerie K. Ulstad; 13. Hypertension and stroke Jo Ann Rosenfeld; 14. Diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis Jeannette E. South-Paul; 15. Diabetes in mid-life women Phillippa Miranda and Diana McNeill; Part IV. Cancer Prevention: 16. Breast cancer: screening and prevention Jo Ann Rosenfeld; 17. Cervical cancer: prevention, screening, and early detection Jo Ann Rosenfeld; 18. Endometrial cancer: prevention, screening, and early detection Ellen Sakornbut; 19. Ovarian cancer: prevention, screening, and early detection Jo Ann Rosenfeld; 20. Colon, lung, and skin cancer: screening and prevention Jo Ann Rosenfeld; 21. Common gastrointestinal and urinary problems Jo Ann Rosenfeld; Index.


'This book does what it says on the cover, it explores all areas of women's health not only contraception and the menopause but other health problems too.' Practice Nurse

'… an excellent source of information for those working in women' health.' Practice Nurse

'The ages from 40 to 65 are a stage in women's lives that medical literature does not often focus on. This book groups the perimenopausal years together in a way that makes clinical sense, and it covers a wide variety of the healthcare issues facing the carers these women will encounter … Keeping up to date on evidence based guidelines for cancer screening can be a daunting task. This book does a good job reviewing the current research and explaining the latest guidelines.' The British Medical Journal

'… international in its research,with studies and data from the UK and around the world … easy and enjoyable to read. It was sometimes unusual in its approach, addressing broader health issues such as exercise and nutrition in some detail.' IPM Journal

'I found this book a fascinating read; a highly evidence-based review of many issues concerning women's health, it is a resource to be values. … a superb reference book of relevance to every doctor.' Family Practice


Jo Ann Rosenfeld, Tanya A. Miszko, Victoria S. Kaprielian, Gwendolyn Murphy, Cathrine Hoyo, Cathy Morrow, Margaret R. H. Nusbaum, Mary-Anne Enoch, Anne Walling, Margaret Gradison, Melissa H. Hunter, Dana E. King, Kathy Andolsek, Tracey D. Conti, Valerie K. Ulstad, Jeannette E. South-Paul, Phillippa Miranda, Diana McNeill, Ellen Sakornbut

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