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Electrochromism and Electrochromic Devices


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521822695)

Electrochromic materials, both organic and inorganic, have widespread applications in light-attenuation, displays and analysis. Written in an accessible manner, this book provides a comprehensive treatment of all types of electrochromic systems and their many applications. Coverage develops from electrochromic scope and history to new searching presentations of optical quantification and theoretical mechanistic models. Non-electrode electrochromism and photo-electrochromism are summarised, with updated comprehensive reviews of electrochromic oxides (tungsten-trioxide particularly), metal co-ordination complexes and metal-cyanometallates, viologens and other organics; and more recent exotics such as fullerenes, hydrides, and conjugated electroactive polymers are also covered. The book concludes by examining device construction and durability. With an extensive bibliography, recent advances in the field, modern applications and a step-by-step development from simple examples to sophisticated theories, this book is ideal for researchers in materials science, polymer science, electrical engineering, physics, chemistry, bioscience and (applied) optoelectronics.

• Provides accessible and comprehensive coverage of the operation of all types of electrochromic systems • Presents a step-by-step development of understanding from simple examples to sophisticated theories • Covers recent advancements and modern applications in the field


Preface; Symbols, abbreviations and acronyms; 1. Introduction to electrochromism; 2. A brief history of electrochromism; 3. Electrochemical background; 4. Optical effects and quantification of colour; 5. Kinetics of electrochromic operation; 6. Metal oxides; 7. Electrochromism within metal co-ordination complexes; 8. Electrochromism by intervalence charge - transfer coloration: metal hexacyanometallates; 9. Miscellaneous inorganic electrochromes; 10. Conjugated conducting polymers; 11. The viologens; 12. Miscellaneous organic electrochromes; 13. Applications of electrochromic devices; 14. Fundamentals of device construction; 15. Photoelectrochromism; 16. Device stability; Index.


'…this is the book on electrochronism and a must-have for anyone involved in the field. It will serve as a good primer for those new in the field, students interested in this area and those looking to develop applications using electrochromic materials. … It is impressive how the authors have captured all of this in a single book.' Angewandte Chemie International Edition

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