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Applied Radiological Anatomy for Medical Students


  • 514 b/w illus. 3 colour illus.
  • Page extent: 178 pages
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521819398)

Applied Radiological Anatomy for Medical Students, first published in 2007, is the definitive atlas of human anatomy, utilizing the complete range of imaging modalities to describe normal anatomy and radiological findings. Initial chapters describe all imaging techniques and introduce the principles of image interpretation. These are followed by comprehensive sections on each anatomical region. Hundreds of high-quality radiographs, MRI, CT and ultrasound images are included, complemented by concise, focussed text. Many images are accompanied by detailed, fully labelled line illustrations to aid interpretation. Written by leading experts and experienced teachers in imaging and anatomy, Applied Radiological Anatomy for Medical Students is an invaluable resource for all students s of anatomy and radiology.

• Over 400 high quality radiograph, MRI, CT and ultrasound images • Over 100 interpretative line illustrations enabling unobstructed views of many of the images for better comprehension of anatomy • Clear, concise text describes anatomy and normal imaging findings


Part I. The Basics: 1. An introduction to diagnostic imaging techniques Thomas Bryant and Adam Waldman; 2. How to interpret an image Adam Mitchell; Part II. The Thorax: 3. The chest wall and ribs Jonathan Berry and Sujal R. Desai; 4. The breast Stella Comitis; Part III. The Abdomen and Pelvis: 5. The abdominal wall Dominic Blunt; 6. The urogenital system and suprarenal glands Andrea Rockall and Sarah Vinnicombe; Part IV. The Head, Neck and Vertebral Column: 7. The skull and brain Paul Butler; 8. The eye Claudia Kirsch; 9. The ear Claudia Kirsch; 10. The extracranial head and neck Jureerat Thammaroj and Joti Bhattacharya; 11. The vertebral column and spinal cord Claudia Kirsch; Part V. The Limbs: 12. The upper limb Alex Barnacle; 13. The lower limb A. Newman Sanders; Part VI. Developmental Anatomy: 14. Obstetric imaging Ian Suchet and Ruth Williamson; 15. Paediatric imaging Ruth Williamson.


Thomas Bryant, Adam Waldman, Adam Mitchell, Jonathan Berry, Sujal R. Desai, Stella Comitis, Dominic Blunt, Andrea Rockall, Sarah Vinnicombe, Paul Butler, Claudia Kirsch, Jureerat Thammaroj, Joti Bhattacharya, Alex Barnacle, A. Newman Sanders, Ian Suchet, Ruth Williamson

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