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Advances in Economics and Econometrics


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521818728 | ISBN-10: 0521818729)

This is the first of three volumes containing edited versions of papers and commentaries presented in invited symposium sessions of the Eighth World Congress of the Econometric Society. The papers summarize and interpret recent key developments and discuss future directions in a wide range of topics in economics and econometrics. The papers cover both theory and applications. Written by leading specialists in their fields these volumes provide a unique survey of progress in the discipline.

• The 24 leading surveys of key topics in economics and econometrics by world's top scholars in 3 volumes • Cambridge has published these Congress proceedings since 1980 and they have sold very well • Surveys combine theory, methods, empirics, and applications


1. Auctions and efficiency Eric Maskin; 2. Why every economist should learn some auction theory Paul Klemperer; 3. Global games: theory and applications Stephen Morris and Hyun Song Shin; 4. Testing contract theory: a survey of some recent work Pierre-Andre Chiappori and Bernard Salanié; 5. The economics of multidimensional screening Jean-Charles Rochet and Lars A. Stole; Discussion of papers by P. A. Chiappori and B. Salanié and by J.-.C Rochet and L. A. Stole Patrick Legros; 6. Theories of fairness and reciprocity: evidence and economic applications Ernst Fehr and Klaus M. Schmidt; 7. Hyperbolic discounting and consumption Christopher Harris and David Laibson; Discussion of papers by E. Fehr and K. M. Schmidt and by C. Harris and D. Laibson Glenn Ellison; 8. Agglomeration and economic theory Masahisa Fujita and Jacques-Francois Thisse; 9. Non-market interactions Edward Glaeser and Jose A. Scheinkman.


Eric Maskin, Paul Klemperer, Stephen Morris, Hyun Song Shin, Pierre-Andre Chiappori, Bernard Salanié, Jean-Charles Rochet, Lars A. Stole, D. P. A. Chiappori, B. Salanié, J.-.C Rochet, Patrick Legros, Ernst Fehr, Klaus M. Schmidt, Christopher Harris, David Laibson, E. Fehr, K. M. Schmidt, C. Harris, D. Laibson, Glenn Ellison, Masahisa Fujita, Jacques-Francois Thisse, Edward Glaeser, Jose A. Scheinkman

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