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Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology
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  • 138 b/w illus. 60 colour illus.
  • Page extent: 572 pages
  • Size: 219 x 276 mm
  • Weight: 2.08 kg

Library of Congress

  • Dewey number: 618.92/098
  • Dewey version: 22
  • LC Classification: RJ478 .P34 2004
  • LC Subject headings:
    • Pediatric gynecology
    • Adolescent gynecology
    • Genital Diseases, Female--therapy--Adolescent
    • Genital Diseases, Female--therapy--Child
    • Genitalia, Female--abnormalities--Adolescent

Library of Congress Record


 (ISBN-13: 9780521809610 | ISBN-10: 0521809614)

This book provides a multidisciplinary overview of developmental anomalies, disorders and intersex conditions. These are complex conditions that demand high standards of care and treatment by all healthcare professionals involved with the management of these psychological, medical and surgical problems. Contributions from leading international experts from a wide range of disciplines, aims to distil their wealth of expertise and to provide the best possible advice and recommendations for medical intervention. Issues such as the psychological well-being of the patient, the need for informed consent and the right to know one's diagnosis. Patients and their families expect high standards of care, communication and consultation, and this book will help doctors achieve this. Emphasising the multidisciplinary approach to healthcare, this is essential reading for specialists in paediatric and adolescent gynaecology, reproductive endocrinologists, paediatric and plastic surgeons, and clinical geneticists.

• Provides a multidisciplinary approach to dealing with developmental and intersex disorders • Includes information on the patients perspective and their right to know and their psychological well-being • Provides an introductory account of normal development, before focusing on practical and clinical aspects of gynaecological disorders


Part I. Normal Development: 1. Embryology of the genital tract Fergus Cameron and Craig Smith; 2. Molecular genetics of gonadal development Andrew Sinclair and Fergus Cameron; 3. Gonadotrophin receptors Manel Tena-Sempere, Jerome Levallet and Ilpo Huhtaniemi; 4. Normal childhood, puberty and adolescence Clementina La Rosa, Cristina Traggiai and Richard Stanhope; 5. Control of the menstrual cycle and fertility Gillian Lockwood; 6. Nutrition and reproductive function Howard S. Jacobs; 7. Normal bladder control and function Niresh Thriuchelvam and Peter M. Cuckow; 8. Development of sexuality: psychological perspectives Lih Mei Liao; Part II. Management of Developmental Abnormalities of the Genital Tract: 9. Management of ambiguous genitalia at birth Gary Warne; 10. Imaging of the female pelvis in the evaluation of developmental anomalies Christopher Schelvan, Margaret Hall-Craggs and Rose de Brun; 11. Surgical correction of vaginal and uterine anomalies Jane McDougall and Sarah Creighton; 12. Laparoscopy techniques Azad S. Najmaldin and Alfred Cutner; 13. A nonsurgical approach to the treatment of vaginal agenesis Julie Alderson and Julie Glanville; 14. Psychological care in disorders of sexual differentiation and determination Polly Carmichael and Julie Alderson; 15. The needs of the adolescent patient and her parents in the clinic Jane MacDougall; 16. Comunicating a diagnosis Gillian Lockwood, Allan Cooklin and Sandra Ramsden; 17. Patients and parents in decision making and management Margaret Simmonds; Part III. Management of Specific Disorders: 18. Disorders of growth and puberty Cristina Traggiai and Richard Stanhope; 19. Turner syndrome Per-Olof Janson, Marie-Louise Barrenäs, Berit Kristtröm, Charles Hanson, Anders Möller, Kerstin Wilhelmsen-Landin and Kerstin Albertsson-Wikland; 20. Androgen insensitivity syndromes Jarmo Jääskeläinen and Ieuan A. Hughes; 21. The Rokitansky syndrome and other Mullerian anomalies D. Keith Edmonds; 22. The XY female Catherine L. Minto; 23. The gynaecology of the major genitourinary anomalies Christopher R. J. Woodhouse; 24. Congenital adrenal hyperplasia Gerard S. Conway and Pierre D. E. Mouriquand; 25. Long term sequelae of genital surgery Sarah Creighton; 26. Amenorrhoea Adam H. Balen; 27. The polycystic ovary syndrome and adolescent women Adam H. Balen and David Dunger; 28. Menstrual disorders in adolescent girls Eleonora Porcu and stefano Venturoli; 29. Pelvic pain, ovarian cysts and endometriosis in adolescent girls Paul L. Wood; 30. Premature ovarian failure and ovarian ageing Colin J. Davis and Gerard S. Conway; 31. Gynaecological cancers in childhood Alberto Lopes; 32. Late reproductive sequelae of treatment for childhood cancer Angela B. Thomson, Hilary O. D. Critchley, Christopher J. H. Kelnar and W. Hamish B. Wallace; 33. Preservation of fertility before cancer therapy Helen M. Picton and Anthony J. Rutherford; 34. The management of infertility with surrogacy and egg donation Peter R. Brinsden and Melanie Davies; 35. Dermatological conditions of the female genitalia Leith A. Banney and Jane C. Sterling; 36. Vaginal discharge in Rosamond Cox and Paul Wood; 37. Psychological gender development in iindividuals born with ambiguous genitalia Melissa Hines; 38. Eating disorders in adolescence Nadia Micali, Peter Webster and Janet Treasure; 39. Nutritional amenorrhoea – long term sequelae Joanna L. Fried, Russalind Ramos and Michelle P. Warren; 40. Overview: How to set up a service; how to teach and train Jane MacDougall; Index.

Prize Winner

2005 British Medical Association - Obstetrics and Gynaecology category 2005 - Highly commended


'… highly recommended.' Scottish Genital Anomalies Network

'this is an important book for all health care professionals with a specific interest in the gynaecology of the first two decades of life, and those who work in assisted reproduction.' Human Fertility

'This is an attractive hardback that will sit well in one's private study, medical library or hospital department. the contents are well set out and the index is accurate and helpful. The topics are wide ranging, from teaching and training to fertility preservation before cancer therapy.' The Obstretician and Gynaecology Journal

'Whilst this is an academic reference book … anyone working in these fields and wanting to learn more about these rare conditions or to improve their care and treatment of patients substantially it should be a text of first choice as it includes the latest research and approaches. Students would well benefit from reading as it's easy to digest and clearly laid out, pictures and diagrams are relevant, clear and concise. My rating for this book is highly recommended!!!' Genetic Interest Group Today


Fergus Cameron, Craig Smith, Andrew Sinclair, Fergus Cameron, Manel Tena-Sempere, Jerome Levallet, Ilpo Huhtaniemi, Clementina La Rosa, Cristina Traggiai, Richard Stanhope, Gillian Lockwood, Howard S. Jacobs, Niresh Thriuchelvam, Peter M. Cuckow, Lih Mei Liao, Gary Warne, Christopher Schelvan, Margaret Hall-Craggs, Rose de Brun, Jane McDougall, Sarah Creighton, Azad S. Najmaldin, Alfred Cutner, Julie Alderson, Julie Glanville, Polly Carmichael, Gillian Lockwood, Allan Cooklin, Sandra Ramsden, Margaret Simmonds, C. Traggiai, Per-Olof Janson, Marie-Louise Barrenäs, Berit Kristtröm, Charles Hanson, Anders Möller, Krestin Wilhelmsen-Landin, Kerstin Albertsson-Wikland, Jarmo Jääskeläinen, Ieuan Hughes, D. Keith Edmonds, Catherine L. Minto, Christopher R. J. Woodhouse, Gerard S. Conway, Pierre D. E. Mouriquand, Sarah Creighton, Adam H. Balen, David Dunger, Eleonora Porcu, Stefano Venturoli, Paul L. Wood, Colin J. Davis, Gerry Conway, Alberto Lopes, Angela B. Thomson, Hilary O. D. Chritchley, Christopher J. H. Kelnar, W. Hamish B. Wallace, Helen M. Picton, Anthony J. Rutherford, Peter R. Brinsden, Melanie Davies, Leith A. Banney, Jane Sterling, Rosamond Cox, Paul Wood, Melissa Hines, Nadia Micali, Peter Webster, Janet Treasure, Joanna Fried, Russalind Ramos, Michelle P. Warren, Jane MacDougall

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