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 (ISBN-13: 9780521710206)

This fascinating and accessible book examines the survival of the human race from a broad range of viewpoints. Through in-depth examinations of a number of very distinct aspects of human life, the book covers topics ranging from the preservation of Empires, to the challenges of maintaining cultural identity, the sufferings inflicted by famine, disease and natural disasters, the opportunities for increased longevity and the threats presented by climate change. The chapters draw from the expertise of those in the arts and humanities, as well as the social, physical and biological sciences. Following in the footsteps of Charles Darwin with his thoughts of the Survival of the Fittest, each chapter explores strategies which may be adopted to assist us in our individual struggle for existence and to preserve and indeed improve our collective lifestyles.

• Explores the survival of the human race in the broadest sense • Accessibly written for the general reader • Multi-disciplinary approach covering a wide range of topics


1. Survival of the human race Emily Shuckburgh; 2. Survival of empires Paul Kennedy; 3. Survival of culture Edith Hall; 4. Survival of language Peter Austin; 5. Surviving disease Richard Feachem, Oliver Sabot; 6. Surviving natural disasters James Jackson; 7. Surviving famine Andrew Prentice; 8. Surviving longer Cynthia Kenyon; 9. Survival into the future Diana Liverman; Epilogue.


'… interesting and lively …' Area


Emily Shuckburgh, Paul Kennedy, Edith Hall, Peter Austin, Richard Feachem, Oliver Sabot, James Jackson, Andrew Prentice, Cynthia Kenyon, Diana Liverman

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