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The Economics of Health Equity


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521705066)

This book is about equity in health and health care. It explores why, despite being seen as an important goal, health equity has not made more progress within countries and globally, and what needs to change for there to be greater success in delivering fairness. An international team of eminent experts from primarily the field of health economics describe how equity in health and health care might develop over the next decade. They examine existing and past barriers to promoting equity, citing case examples, and covering issues including access to health services and inequalities between and within countries. The analyses are detailed, but the issues are approached in an accessible fashion, highlighting the factors of common international relevance. This book provides a manifesto for achieving health equity for the future. It will be essential reading for health and social policy makers, and health academics nationally and internationally.

• Provides a detailed analysis of the reasons for health inequities • Sets health inequities in a global context • Identifies ways of improving health equity for the future


Part I. Introduction: 1. Why this book? Gavin Mooney and Di McIntyre; Part II. Equity in General: 2. Health and health inequalities in a neo-liberal global world Elaine Coburn and David Coburn; 3. Governing the health care market: the social and political requirements Amiya Kumar Bagchi; 4. Equity in the context of diversity of culture and diversity of economic systems Gavin Mooney; 5. Beware of the libertarian wolf in the clothing of the egalitarian sheep: an essay on the need to clarify ends and means Alan Maynard; Part III. Health Service Access: 6. Exploring the dimensions of access Michael Thiede, Patricia Akweongo and Di McIntyre; 7. Acceptability, trust and equity Lucy Gilson; Part IV. Equity and Health Systems: 8. International migration and extreme health inequality: robust arguments and institutions for international redistribution in health care Maureen Mackintosh; 9. Pay the piper and call the tune: changing health care financing mechanisms to address public-private health sector mix inequities Di McIntyre; Part V. Lessons from Individual Countries: 10. Equity in health financing, resource allocation and health service utilization in Brazil: past, present and future Silvia Porto, Claudia Travassos, Maria Alicia Ugá and Isabela Soares Santos; 11. Improving health-related information systems to monitor equity in health: lessons from Thailand Viroj Tangcharoensathien, Supon Limwattananon and Phusit Prakongsai; Part VI. Future Action: 12. Where now with equity? Di McIntyre and Gavin Mooney.


Gavin Mooney, Di McIntyre, David Coburn, Elaine Coburn, Amiya Kumar Bagchi, Alan Maynard, Michael Thiede, Patricia Akweongo, Lucy Gilson, Maureen Mackintosh, Silvia Porto, Claudia Travassos, Maria Alicia Ugá, Isabela Soares Santos, Viroj Tangcharoensathien, Supon Limwattananon, Phusit Prakongsai

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