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Egyptology Today


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521682268)

Egyptology Today examines how modern scholars examine all aspects of ancient Egypt, one of the greatest of all ancient civilizations. In essays by a team of archaeologists, curators, scholars, and conservators who are actively involved in research or applied aspects of Egyptology, this book looks at the techniques and methods that are used to increase our understanding of a distant culture that was as old to the Greeks and Romans as these cultures are to us. Topics range from how tombs and other monuments are discovered, excavated, recorded and preserved, to the study of Egyptian history, art, artifacts, and texts. Each chapter shows how modern Egyptology approaches, learns about, and strives to preserve the ancient remains of one of the most fascinating cultures in human history.

• The first single volume introduction to Egyptology covering all aspects of ancient Egypt • Unlike many other books, this is not just about ancient Egyptian culture or history but rather how modern scholars examine and bring to life the remains of ancient Egypt today • Written by leading and rising scholars who are themselves archaeologists, curators, professors and conservators actively involved in research or applied aspects of Egyptology


Introduction: the past in the present: Egyptology today Richard H. Wilkinson; Part I. Methods: Paths to the Past: 1. Archaeology and Egyptology Kent Weeks; 2. History and Egyptology Donald Redford; 3. Medical science and Egyptology A. Rosalie David; Part II. Monuments: Structures for this Life and the Next: 4. Site survey in Egyptology Sarah Parcak; 5. Epigraphy and recording Peter Dorman; 6. Monument and site conservation Michael Jones; Part III. Art and Artifacts: Objects as Subject: 7. Art of ancient Egypt Rita Freed; 8. Ancient Egypt in museums today Arielle Kozloff; 9. Artifact conservation and Egyptology Susanne Gansicke; Part IV. Texts: The Words of Gods and Men: 10. The Egyptian language James P. Allen; 11. Ancient Egyptian literature John L. Foster and Ann L. Foster; 12. Egyptian religious texts Ronald Leprohon; Afterword: the past in the future: tomorrow's Egyptology Richard H. Wilkinson.


'This useful and informative publication adds a much needed new dimension to the study of ancient Egypt.' Ancient Egypt

'…a valuable and focussed account of techniques and methods that are continually adding to our knowledge of ancient Egypt.' Minerva

'… an excellent guide to the current state of knowledge, ongoing trends, and field-specific challenges in modern Egyptology, and it should be mandatory reading for all graduate students and professionals in the field. The book is also recommended for undergraduate students and the interested public who want to know what modern Egyptologists care about and what they actually do.' American Journal of Archaeology Online

'Richard Wilkinson has pulled together an excellent introduction to the variety of approaches that are currently in use for understanding the world of ancient Egypt. While the public may generally equate Egyptology with archaeology (and more specifically with the discovery of 'exciting' finds), and while in the past an uncritical approach was privileged in Egyptology, the subject today takes advantage of the wide range of evidence that has survived.' Journal of the American Oriental Society


Richard H. Wilkinson, Kent Weeks, Donald Redford, A. Rosalie David, Sarah Parcak, Peter Dorman, Michael Jones, Rita Freed, Arielle Kozloff, Susanne Gansicke, James P. Allen, John L. Foster, Ann L. Foster, Ronald Leprohon

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