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Physiological and Clinical Aspects of Short-Chain Fatty Acids


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  • Dewey number: 612.3/97
  • Dewey version: 22
  • LC Classification: QP752.F35 P48 2004
  • LC Subject headings:
    • Fatty acids--Metabolism
    • Fatty acids--Physiological effect
    • Intestines

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 (ISBN-13: 9780521616133 | ISBN-10: 0521616131)

This is the first comprehensive volume to look at the importance of short-chain fatty acids in digestion, the function of the large intestine and their role in human health. Short-chain fatty acids are the major product of bacterial fermentation of dietary carbohydrates in the human and animal large intestine. They represent the major end products of digestive processes occurring in the caecum and large intestine. As such, they form an important dietary component and it is increasingly recognised that they may have a significant role in protecting against large bowel cancer and in metabolism. Prepared by an international team of contributors who are at the forefront of this area of research, this volume will be an essential source of reference for gastroenterologists, nutritionists and others active in this area.

• First comprehensive work on this topic • Interdisciplinary approach • International and authoritative team of contributors


1. Definitions and history O. M. Wrong; 2. Chemistry of short-chain fatty acids (SCFA) M. Fukushima; 3. Measurement of acetate by enzymatic methods M. Elia and G. Jennings; 4. Biochemistry and microbiology in the rumen R. J. Wallace; 5. SCFA in the hindgut G. Breves and K. Stuck; 6. Microbiological aspects of SCFA production in the large bowel G. T. Macfarlane and G. R. Gibson; 7. Reductive acetogenesis in animal and human gut M. Durand and A. Bernalier; 8. Flow dynamics of digesta and colonic fermentation I. D. Hume; 9. Transport of SCFA in the ruminant forestomach G. Gäbel; 10. Absorption of SCFA from the large intestine W. V. Engelhardt; 11. Metabolism of SCFA in the liver C. Rémésy, C. Demigné and C. Morand; 12. Effects of SCFA from the large intestine C. Cherbut; 13. Sensory mechanisms for SCFA in the colon T. Yajima; 14. Effects of SCFA on exocrine and endocrine pancreatic secretion K. Katoh; 15. Effect of SCFA on salivary flow in ruminants P. Nørgaard; 16. Utilization of volatile fatty acids in ruminants E. R. Ørskov; 17. SCFA, pancreatic hormones and appetite control A. de Jong; 18. Effects of butyrate on cell proliferation and gene expression J. Kruh, N. Defer and L. Tichonicky; 19. Effects of SCFA on gut epithelial cell proliferation in vivo T. Sakata; 20. SCFA and colon tumorigenesis J. R. Lupton; 21. Butyrate and the human cancer cell G. P. Young and P. R. Gibson; 22. The place of SCFAs in coloncyte metabolism in health and ulcerative colitis W. E. W. Roediger; 23. Management of diversion colitis, pouchitis and distal ulcerative colitis W. Scheppach, P. Bartram and F. Richter; 24. The effects of SCFA on phagocytic cell function G. F. Brisseau and O. D. Rotstein; 25. SCFA, antibiotic associated diarrhoea, colonic adenomas and cancer P. B. Mortensen and M. R. Clausen; 26. In vivo and in vitro effects of SCFA on intestinal blood circulation F. V. Mortensen and H. Nielsen; 27. SCFA and intestinal surgery J. L. Rombeau, K. J. Reilly and R. H. Rolandelli; 28. SCFA as an energy source in the colon G. Livesey and M. Elia; 29. SCFA and carbohydrate metabolism T. M. S. Wolever; 30. SCFA and hepatic lipid metabolism D. L. Topping and I. Pant; 31. SCFA and lipid metabolism J. W. Anderson; 32. Colonic SCFA in infants and children C. H. Lifschitz; 33. Short-chain triglycerides in clinical nutrition S. J. DeMichele and M. D. Karlstad.


O. M. Wrong, M. Fukushima, M. Elia, G. Jennings, R. J. Wallace, G. Breves, K. Stuck, G. T. Macfarlane, G. R. Gibson, M. Durand, A. Bernalier, I. D. Hume, G. Gäbel, W. v. Engelhardt, C. Rémésy, C. Demigne, C. Morand, C. Cherbut, T. Yajima, K. Katoh, P. Nørgaard, E. R. Ørskov, A. de Jong, J. Kruh, N. Defer, L. Tichonicky, T. Sakata, J. R. Lupton, G. P. Young, P. R. Gibson, W. E. W. Roediger, W. Scheppach, P. Bartram, F. Richter, G. F. Brisseau, O. D. Rotstein, P. B. Mortensen, M. R. Clausen, F. V. Mortensen, H. Nielsen, J. L. Rombeau, K. J. Reilly, R. H. Rolandelli, G. Livesey, T. M. S. Wolever, D. L. Topping, I. Pant, J. W. Anderson, C. H. Lifschitz, S. J. DeMichele, M. D. Karlstad

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