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The Skin Microflora and Microbial Skin Disease


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  • Dewey number: 616.5
  • Dewey version: 22
  • LC Classification: RL201 .S62 2004
  • LC Subject headings:
    • Skin--Infections
    • Skin--Microbiology

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 (ISBN-13: 9780521612067 | ISBN-10: 0521612063)

A book which surveys the world of the skin and its microflora, in health and disease, and in animals as well as man. The approach is essentially an ecological one, moving from the physical and chemical properties of the skin as a microbial habitat, through a consideration of the various major groups of microorganisms associated with it, to an account of the complex associations between these microorganisms. The skin flora in health is introduced as a prelude to the understanding of microbial skin disease, and the mechanisms of pathogenicity are explained as the major groups of infective skin conditions are reviewed. The principles of treatment, disinfection and prevention receive proper attention, as does the important topic of hospital-acquired infection, where the skin is so often implicated. The text is accompanied by numerous tables containing a wealth of practical and experimental detail, and is extensively referenced. This is a book which will be essential to dermatologists, medical microbiologists, veterinarians and research workers in these fields.

• Takes an ecological approach • Deals with the chemical and physical properties of the skin


Preface; 1. The basis of the skin surface ecosystem D. McEwan Jenkinson; 2. Nutrition of cutaneous resident microorganisms K. T. Holland; 3. Physical factors affecting skin flora and skin disease M. E. McBride; 4. Coryneform bacteria J. J. Leyden and K. J. McGinley; 5. Coryneforms as pathogens J. J. Leyden and K. J. McGinley; 6. Staphylococci on the skin W. C. Noble; 7. Staphylococci as pathogens W. C. Noble; 8. Streptococci and the skin M. Barnham; 9. Other cutaneous bacteria W. C. Noble; 10. Fungi and fungal infections of the skin R. J. Hay; 11. Bacterial and fungal disease in animals D. H. Lloyd; 12. Viral skin disease in humans P. Morgan-Capner; 13. Viral skin disease in animals D. H. Lloyd; 14. Microbial interactions on skin R. P. Allaker and W. C. Noble; 15. Adherence of skin microorganisms and the development of skin flora from birth R. Aly and D. J. Bibel; 16. Skin disinfection H. Kobayashi; Index.


D. McEwan Jenkinson, K. T. Holland, M. E. McBride, J. J. Leyden, K. J. McGinley, W. C. Noble, M. Barnham, R. J. Hay, D. H. Lloyd, P. Morgan-Capner, R. P. Allaker, R. Aly, D. J. Bibel, H. Kobayashi

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