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The Art of Greece and Rome


  • 124 b/w illus. 22 colour illus. 3 maps
  • Page extent: 186 pages
  • Size: 247 x 174 mm
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521540377 | ISBN-10: 0521540372)

In The Art of Greece and Rome Susan Woodford illuminates the great achievements of classical art and architecture and conveys a sense of the excitement that fired the creative artists of the ancient world. The Greeks were quick to challenge time-honored styles and, stimulated by the problems that sometimes emerged from their daring innovations, they invented solutions that have been considered classics ever since. The Romans recognized the Greek achievement and built on it, adding a talent for organization and flair for architectural construction on a huge scale to create an impressive art of their own. This edition includes a new chapter on art throughout the Roman empire, new illustrations, updated bibliography and glossary.

• The sculpture, painting, and architecture of both Greece and Rome are lucidly explained • All the works discussed are illustrated • The book combines brevity with clarity


Part I. The Archaic and Classical Periods: Progress and Problems: 1. Free-standing statues; 2. Greek temples and their decoration; 3. Painting and painted pottery; Part II. The 4th Century BC and the Hellenistic Period: Innovation and Renovation: 4. Sculpture; 5. Painting; 6. Architecture and planning; Part III. The Roman World: Adoption and Transformation of the Greek Legacy: 7. Roman statues; 8. Roman painting; 9. Roman architecture: adoption and evolution; 10. World rulers; Epilogue; Appendix: How we know what we think we know.


'Well-planned, written in a lively manner … observations are un-hackneyed and many of the terse summations truly brilliant … an intelligent, challenging, informative introduction to the classical arts.' George M. A. Hanfmann, Harvard University

'The brevity of treatment is more than compensated for by the author's stimulating presentation.' Mark Morford, The Classical Outlook

'… the author has infused new book into the old veins …The choice and arrangement of the pictures serves the text perfectly … A must for the school library where it is likely to be a popular choice for borrowing.' Brian Sparkes, Greece and Rome

'The quality if the illustrations is excellent … The chief joy of this book is Woodford's lucid style and refreshingly down to earth vocabulary … teachers can recommend this book as a readable introduction to classical art to sixth formers and university students.' Joint Association of Classical Teachers

'For students approaching the art of the classical world for the first time, Woodford provides a survey that is lucid, coherent, and informative. … For those of us who teach surveys in the humanities, the paperbound version of the book is accessible and affordable.' Bryn Mawr Classical Review

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