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New Theatre Quarterly 73
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  • Page extent: 96 pages
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521535885 | ISBN-10: 0521535883)

New Theatre Quarterly provides a lively international forum where theatrical scholarship and practice can meet, and where prevailing dramatic assumptions can be subjected to vigorous critical questioning. It shows that theatre history has a contemporary relevance, that theatre studies need a methodology, and that theatre criticism needs a language. Articles in volume 73 include: Performance, Embodiment, Voice: the Theatre/Dance Cross-overs of Dodin, Bausch, and Forsythe; The Performative Self: Improvisation for Self and Other; The Events of June 1848: the 'Monte Cristo' Riots and the Politics of Protest; Culture, Memory, and American Performer Training; 'The Maker and the Tool': Charles Parker, Documentary Performance, and the Search for a Popular Culture; Simple Pleasures: the Ten-Minute Play, Overnight Theatre, and the Decline of the Art of Storytelling; Archive or Memory? The Detritus of Live Performance; NTQ Reports and Announcements; NTQ Book Reviews.


1. Performance, embodiment, voice: the theatre/dance cross-overs of Dodin, Bausch, and Forsythe Maria Shevtsova; 2. The performative self: improvisation for self and other Ruth Quinn; 3. The events of June 1848: the 'Monte Cristo' riots and the politics of protest Victor Emeljanow; 4. Culture, memory, and American performer training Ian Watson; 5. 'The Maker and the Tool': Charles Parker, documentary performance, and the search for a popular culture David Watt; 6. Simple pleasures: the ten-minute play, overnight theatre, and the decline of the art of storytelling Rick Mitchell; 7. Archive or memory? the detritus of live performance Matthew Reason; 8. NTQ reports and announcements; NTQ book reviews.


Maria Shevtsova, Ruth Quinn, Victor Emeljanow, Ian Watson, David Watt, Rick Mitchell, Matthew Reason

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