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Business Interest Groups in Nineteenth-Century Brazil
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521531290 | ISBN-10: 0521531292)

This book is the first to describe the role of business interest groups, also known as pressure groups, in the development of Brazil during the nineteenth century. Business interest groups strongly affected the modernization and prosperity of agriculture, the pace of industrialisation, and patterns of communications. Although they sometimes initiated enterprises themselves, they most affected development by influencing the scope and direction of government aid. The most important of business interest groups, the commercial associations, also may be seen as institutions through which ties of dependency to better-developed nations overseas were maintained.

• The only book available on nineteenth-century Latin American business history • Examines the previously neglected role of business groups in promoting the economic development of Brazil


Introduction; 1. The genesis of Brazilian business interest groups; 2. Leadership and organisation; 3. Influence, ideology, and public relations; 4. The export economy: agricultural quality, markets, and profits; 5. The export economy: banking, credit, and currency; 6. The export economy: manpower; 7. Taxation; 8. Industrialisation; 9. Communications: regionalism perpetuated; 10. Port areas and harbors: efficiency and rivalry; 11. Business interest groups and economic and urban integration; 12. Business interest groups and the Republic; 13. Conclusion; Notes; Bibliography.

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