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Leon Trotsky and the Politics of Economic Isolation


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521524360 | ISBN-10: 0521524369)

A highly original and controversial examination of events in Soviet Russia from 1917 to 1927 in which Professor Day challenges both the standard Trotskyite and Stalinist interpretations of the period. At the same time he rejects the traditional emphasis on Trotsky's concept of Permanent Revolution and argues that a Marxist theorist is essential. Professor Day concentrates upon the economic implications of revolutionary Russia's isolation from Europe. How to build socialism - in a backward, war-ravaged society, without aid from the West: this problem lay behind many of the most important political conflicts of Soviet Russia's formative years.


Preface; Part I. The Dilemma of Economic Isolation: 1. The myth of Trotskyism; 2. Isolation and the mobilization of labour; 3. Integrationism and the New Economic Policy; Part II. The Politics of Economic Isolation: 4. The search for a new faith; 5. Socialism in One Country; 6. Trotsky's alternative; 7. Trotsky's attack on socialism in a 'separate'; 8. Integrationism in defeat and exile; Bibliography; Notes; Index.

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