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A History of Cambridge University Press
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  • 35 b/w illus.
  • Page extent: 536 pages
  • Size: 247 x 174 mm
  • Weight: 1.45 kg


 (ISBN-13: 9780521308038 | ISBN-10: 0521308038)

This volume completes the history of Cambridge University Press from the sixteenth century to the late twentieth. It examines the ways by which the Press launched itself as a London publisher in the 1870s, building up its educational and academic lists. It charts how interests in America were advanced, how subjects were extended and the Press became an international organisation with authors and customers across the world, while at the same time developing both its printing and its publishing. The volume explores changes in the printing industry, showing how the Press assumed a leading part in the typographical renaissance of the 1920s and 1930s, and built on this after the Second World War to acquire an international reputation for the quality of its work. In publishing as in printing, this book analyses both the pitfalls and the successes in a century of change.

• The third and final volume of David McKitterick's magisterial history of Cambridge University Press, the oldest publisher in the world • Makes a major contribution to the history of twentieth-century typography, printing and publishing • Examines international publishing markets, in particular the expansion of the Press's interests in the USA


Preface; 1. A century of change; 2. 1873; 3. Macmillan; 4. Growth in publishing, 1870–1900; 5. The late nineteenth-century Printing House; 6. Markets across the world; 7. 1900–1916: a difficult period; 8. The Encyclopaedia Britannica; 9. 1916–1923: fresh beginnings; 10. Bibles, 1916–1923; 11. Walter Lewis and the typographical renaissance; 12. The Roberts years; 13. America; 14. Kingsford and recovery; 15. The American branch; 16. Printing, 1946–1963; 17. A developing crisis; 18. On the brink.


'As a complete set, this work is an essential addition to any library with an interest in the history of the book … elegantly written and well-researched volume …'. Dr Jessica Gardner, University of Exeter Library. CILIP Rare Books Group

'McKitterick has produced an impressive work that deals confidently with a vast mass of intricate detail without losing sight of the main stream of his story. … This is an indispensable tool for understanding the development of the Press over a century of massive change …'. The Magazine of the Cambridge Society

'… a major achievement. Dr McKitterick's aim, to set the history of the CUP in a broader context of academic publishing and indeed general economic and cultural history, has again been achieved … lessons learnt from this major venture … will assuredly have to be taken fully into account. There is much here that takes the story of the Press's major publications well beyond what has been generally known about them … The final chapters, covering the thirty years from the end of the Second World War, are in many ways the most interesting.' The Library

' … a goldmine of new information and new insights … fascinating detail … no reader of this Journal will fail to learn something from this book; many, like your reviewer, will learn a very great deal. This is a book worthy of its subject; like all the best products of the press it is scholarly, well-written, beautifully produced and of permanent value.' Journal of the Printing Historical Society

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