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Robert South (1634–1716)


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Robert South (1634–1716) was one of the great Anglican writers and preachers of his age. A contemporary of Dryden and Locke, he faced the profound political and philosophical changes taking place at the beginning of the Enlightenment in England. With the interdependence of Church and State forcing a conjunction of religious and political issues, South's life and work as a preacher show him reacting to changes in civil and ecclesiastical polity over the course of his active public life. Gerard Reedy's book, the first major study of South, makes a strong case for the importance of his sermons, their complexity, beauty and wit, and their place in the history of post-Restoration English literature. Discussing sermons of South which deal with his theory of politics, language, the sacrament and mystery, Reedy reintroduces us to a lively and seminal master of prose, politics and theology in the late Stuart era.

• A major study of an important 17th century Anglican preacher • Combines literary study of sermons with historical context


List of illustrations; Acknowledgements; Abbreviations and note on the text; Introduction; 1. Westminster and Christ Church; 2. South's Sermons in context; 3. South and the political sermon; 4. South and the misuse of language; 5. South on the sacrament; 6. South and mystery; Appendices; Bibliography; Index.

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