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Antarctic Meteorology and Climatology


  • 193 b/w illus. 30 tables
  • Page extent: 424 pages
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521039840)

This book presents a comprehensive survey of the climatology and meteorology of Antarctica. The first section of the book reviews the methods by which we can observe the Antarctic atmosphere and presents a synthesis of climatological measurements. In the second section, the processes which maintain the observed climate are considered, from large-scale atmospheric circulation to small-scale processes. The final section reviews our knowledge of the variability of Antarctic climate and the possible effects of 'greenhouse' warming. Links between the Antarctic atmosphere, other elements of the Antarctic climate system (oceans, sea ice and ice sheets), and the global climate system are stressed throughout. This volume will be of greatest interest to meteorologists and climatologists with a specialist interest in Antarctica, but it will also appeal to researchers in Antarctic glaciology, oceanography and biology. Graduates and undergraduates studying physical geography, and the earth, atmospheric and environmental sciences will find much useful background material in the book.

• Presents a comprehensive survey of research in Antarctic meteorology and climatology • Emphasizes the application of remote sensing and numerical modelling • Discusses the role of Antarctica in the global climate system • Includes an extensive bibliography


Preface; 1. Introduction; 2. Observations and instrumentation; 3. Physical climatology; 4. The large-scale circulation of the Antarctic atmosphere; 5. Synoptic-scale weather systems and fronts; 6. Mesoscale systems and processes; 7. Climate variability and change; Appendices; References; Index.


'This volume will be of greatest interest to meteorologists and climatologists with a special interest in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, but it will also appeal to researchers in glaciology, oceanography and biology.' Weather

'This outstanding publication presents a comprehensive analysis of Antarctic climatology and meteorology . The authors are highly qualified, and their writing is very effective. An excellently produced book … [aimed at] upper-division undergraduates through [to] professionals.' J. D. Ives, Choice

'In summary, the authors are to be congratulated on both the breadth and depth of the volume. It can be thoroughly recommended as a milestone in Antarctic meteorology and as an excellent text for students and researchers in the field.' N. A. Streten, World Meteorological Organization Bulletin

'In summary, this is a valuable and long-awaited overview of Antarctic meteorology and climatology. It will be an essential background reference for meteorological professionals specialising in the region.' Ian Allison, Australian Meteorological Magazine

'To summarize, King and Turner have done a good job in reviewing the developments in Antarctic weather and climate during the period 1985–1994, and are to be congratulated on their effort. The book is well produced, of sturdy construction, and is reasonably priced in relation to similar offerings. This book is strongly recommended for the polar scientist who wants to gain an appreciation of modern Antarctic atmospheric investigations, as much of the material does not require an in-depth knowledge of meteorology to be understandable. All polar libraries should have a copy, and even more general science libraries could benefit from its acquisition.' David H. Bromwich, Polar Record

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