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Anglo-Saxon England


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521038553)

The Anglo-Saxons' sense of the past, their colour vocabulary and their ties of kinship are among the topics considered in this third volume. Evidence for contemporary ecclesiastical architecture is extracted from an Anglo-Latin poem and evidence for the post-Conquest Anglo-Saxon emigration to Byzantium from an Icelandic saga. A prominent critic of Old English literature provides a reconsideration of The Seafarer. A review article surveys the work of the previous twenty years on Anglo-Saxon charters. The bibliography lists all books, articles and significant reviews published in any branch of Anglo-Saxon studies during 1973.


List of figures; Preface; 1. Cross-Channel language ties R. Derolez; 2. Old English colour classification: where do matters stand? Nigel F. Barley; 3. Germanic and Roman antiquity and the sense of the past in Anglo-Saxon England Michael Hunter; 4. The influence of the catechetical narratio on Old English and some other medieval literature Virginia Day; 5. The concept of the hall in Old English poetry Kathryn Hume; 6. Second thoughts on the interpretation of The Seafarer John C. Pope; 7. God's presence through grace as the theme of Cynewulf's Christ II and the relationship of this theme to Christ I and Christ III Colin Chase; 8. King Alfred's æstel Bruce Harbert; 9. Laurence Nowell's transcript of BM Cotton Otho B. xi Raymond J. S. Grant; 10. Æthelwold's translation of the Regula Sancti Benedicti and its Latin exemplar Mechthild Gretsch; 11. Social idealism in Ælfric's Colloquy Earl R. Anderson; 12. The architectural interest of Æthelwulf's De Abbatibus H. M. Taylor; 13. Towards a revision of the internal chronology of the coinages of Edward the Elder and Plegmund Michael Dolley; 14. The Icelandic saga of Edward the Confessor: its version of the Anglo-Saxon emigration to Byzantium Christine Fell; 15. Kinship in Anglo-Saxon England H. R. Loyn; 16. Anglo-Saxon charters: the work of the last twenty years Nicholas Brooks; 17. Bibliography for 1973 Martin Biddle, Alan Brown, T. J. Brown, Peter A. Clayton and Peter Hunter Blair.

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