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Anglo-Saxon England


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521038409)

This volume offers fundamental evidence and discussion illuminating a wide range of important subjects: possible influence of Cicero on Bede's attitude to rhetoric; the probability that Theodore and Hadrian brought a glossary from Italy to England; the traditional concept of the narrator in Old English poetry; the nationality of the author of the Old English poem Genesis B; the conceptions of history controlling the Old English Orosius; the establishment of Square minuscule as the standard English script of the tenth century; criteria for distinguishing between Anglo-Saxon script written in England and script written by Anglo-Saxons on the continent; the grounds for claiming that certain surviving pre-Conquest manuscripts were once at Glastonbury; the extent of the circulation of Prudentius's Psychomachia in Anglo-Saxon England; the regional distribution of names of different origins among the moneyers of the Anglo-Danish era. Early and late periods and north and south thus find a place in this searching treatment of intellectual, cultural and settlement issues. The usual comprehensive bibliography rounds off the book.


List of illustrations; 1. Bede and Cicero Roger Ray; 2. Early Anglo-Saxon glossaries and the school of Canterbury J. D. Pheifer; 3. The traditional narrator and the `I heard' formulas in Old English poetry Ward Parks; 4. The metre of Genesis B David J. G. Lewis; 5. Adaptation and anweald in the Old English Orosius William A. Kretzschmar Jr; 6. English Square minuscule script: the background and earliest phases David N. Dumville; 7. An Anglo-Saxon fragment of Justinus's Epitome Julia Crick; 8. Two pre-Conquest manuscripts from Glastonbury Abbey James P. Carley; 9. The Anglo-Saxon manuscripts of Prudentius's Psychomachia Gernot R. Wieland; 10. Moneyers of the late Anglo-Saxon coinage: the Danish dynasty 1017–42 Veronica J. Smart; 11. Bibliography for 1986 Carl T. Berkhout, Martin Biddle, Mark Blackburn, C. R. E. Coutts, David N. Dumville, Sarah Foot and Simon Keynes.

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