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Anglo-Saxon England


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521038355)

The contents of this first volume typify the range of interests that will be covered throughout the series. The topics treated include the first two centuries of Christianity in East Anglia; geographical knowledge in King Alfred's court; the part played by Bishop Æthelwold's school at Winchester in the period of tenth-century monastic reform in standardizing the vernacular and in studying and composing Latin poetry; allegory in Old English literature; the place of origin of the Book of Kells; the source of a fourteenth-century Icelandic saga writer's picture of Edward the Confessor; the principles of the modern study of pre-Conquest architecture; and the contemporary state of our knowledge of the Anglo-Saxon house. There is also a bibliography which lists all books, articles and reviews published in the field during 1971, and which is continued annually in the series.


List of illustrations; Preface; 1. The pre-Viking age church in East Anglia Dorothy Whitelock; 2. An interim revision of episcopal dates for the province of Canterbury, 850–950: part I Mary Anne O'Donovan; 3. The relationship between geographical information in the Old English Orosius and Latin texts other than Orosius Janet M. Bately; 4. The origin of Standard Old English and Æthelwold's school at Winchester Helmut Gneuss; 5. Three Latin poems from Æthelwold's school at Winchester Michael Lapidge; 6. Beowulf the headstrong Kemp Malone; 7. The diet and digestion of allegory in Andreas David Hamilton; 8. Exodus and the treasure of Pharaoh John F. Vickrey; 9. The vision of paradise: a symbolic reading of the Old English Phoenix Daniel G. Calder; 10. Three versions of the Jonah story: an investigation of narrative technique in Old English homilies Paul E. Szarmach; 11. Conceivable clues to twelve Old English words Herbert Dean Meritt; 12. The manuscript of the Leiden Riddle M. B. Parkes; 13. Northumbria and the Book of Kells T. J. Brown; Appendix C. D. Verey; 14. The Icelandic saga of Edward the Confessor: the hagiographic sources Christine Fell; 15. Structural criticism: a plea for more systematic study of Anglo-Saxon buildings H. M. Taylor; 16. The Anglo-Saxon house: a new review P. V. Addyman; 17. Bibliography for 1971 Martin Biddle, Alan Brown, T. J. Brown and Peter Hunter Blair.


Dorothy Whitelock, Mary Anne O'Donovan, Janet M. Bately, Helmut Gneuss, Michael Lapidge, Kemp Malone, David Hamilton, John F. Vickrey, Daniel G. Calder, Paul E. Szarmach, Herbert Dean Meritt, M. B. Parkes, T. J. Brown, C. D. Verey, Christine Fell, H. M. Taylor, P. V. Addyman, Martin Biddle, Alan Brown, Peter Hunter Blair

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