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Injury in the Young
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  • 31 b/w illus. 30 tables
  • Page extent: 332 pages
  • Size: 247 x 174 mm
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521037372)

This book describes the underlying mechanisms and pathophysiological processes which relate to various childhood injuries, and brings together experimental and empirical data which bear on the rational management of injury in childhood. It also deals with the wider issues of service organization and rehabilitation. The book describes the commonest causes and types of injury encountered in the young, including trauma, head injury, near drowning and burns. It also deals with essential aspects of effective management of injury in the hospital including trauma scoring, life support and nutritional support. It is intended for trainees and consultants in paediatrics, paediatric surgery, accident and emergency, anaesthesia and intensive care, and it will also serve as a source book for medical and non-medical researchers.

• Covers a broad range of issues including the commonest causes and types of injury in the young and their effective management • Explains the scientific basis of trauma • Deals with prevention and rehabilitation


List of contributors; Editor's preface; 1. The epidemiology of trauma involving children S. Jarvis and P. Edwards; 2. Emergency room requirements for children B. M. Phillips; 3. Child deaths in Accident and Emergency B. Wright; 4. Immediate life support G. S. Samra and R. M. Bingham; 5. Evaluation of injury in children B. M. Phillips; 6. Injuries of the developing brain C. M. Bannister; 7. Wound healing in children J. G. Andrew; 8. The lung after injury in children J. Grigg; 9. Metabolic and endocrine stress responses to surgery M. P. Ward Platt; 10. Head injury in children P. M. Sharples; 11. Near drowning D. Bohn; 12. The acute response to burn injury in children C. Childs; 13. Nutritional support of the severely burned child M. J. Muller and D. N. Herndon; 14. Recovery, rehabilitation and the neuropsychological sequelae of head injury M. Crouchman; 15. Children's rights and child protection J. Harris; Index.


'Injury in the Young will increase our background knowledge and our confidence … Bohn's item on near drowning is superb … This review is comprehensive, relevant, informative, and very readable. It explains the physiology and pathology well and describes clinical management in a very useful way … I enjoyed this book tremendously … it is an excellent read'. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine

'… useful source of information for those with a research interest and departments specialising in this subject.' Elspeth Reid, FRCA St. Thomas' Hospital

'… what is a varied but well written and apposite contribution to the literature … It is a text to be read by trainee and trainer, surgeon, anaesthetist, emergency room doctor and paediatrician, and to be read now.' The British Journal of Surgery

'… it contains fascinating data. which underpin the basic science of the subject of plastic surgery and the and the response to stress of the young organism. Anyone who cares for the acutely injured should know of this book …' P. N. Hall, British Journal of Plastic Surgery


S. Jarvis, P. Edwards, B. M. Phillips, B. Wright, G. S. Samra, R. M. Bingham, C. M. Bannister, J. G. Andrew, J. Grigg, M. P. Ward Platt, P. M. Sharples, D. Bohn, C. Childs, M. J. Muller, D. N. Herndon, M. Crouchman, J. Harris

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