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Lung Transplantation


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  • Page extent: 432 pages
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521036771)

This book provides a detailed account of the principles and practice of contemporary lung transplantation. An accomplished, international team of contributing authors have combined their expertise to provide scientific developments and clinical knowledge based on their extensive experience. The book covers pulmonary vascular and parenchymal lung disease, which necessitate transplantation, together with all aspects of the multidisciplinary management of lung transplant patients. It concludes by looking at future developments in the treatment of advanced respiratory failure. This multidisciplinary approach makes the publication suitable for several subspecialities in addition to pulmonary medicine and lung transplantation, including haematology, radiology and clinical psychology. It will serve as a valuable source of reference and practical information for medical specialists in transplantation and all those working in thoracic organ transplant units.

• Detailed coverage of the pulmonary diseases which lead to lung transplantation • Covers broad range of subspecialities, including, haematology, radiology and clinical psychology • Covers principles and practice, basic science and clinical management


List of contributors; Preface; Part I. Pulmonary Disease: 1. Primary pulmonary hypertension: pathophysiology and therapy Stuart Rich; 2. Genetics of pulmonary hypertension Richard C. Trembath and Rachel Harrison; 3. Pathology of pulmonary hypertension Anne E. Bishop and Julia M. Polak; 4. Pulmonary hypertension and the right ventricle Norbert F. Voelkel, Rubin M. Tuder, Carlyne Cool, Mark Geraci, Robert Quaife and Michael Bristow; 5. Emphysema Gordon L. Snider; 6. Alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency Duncan C. S. Hutchison; 7. Bronchiectasis Mary T. Keogan; 8. Cystic fibrosis Margaret E. Hodson; 9. Diffuse lung disease R. M. du Bois; 10. Explant pathology Susan Stewart; Part II. Lung Transplantation: 11. Overview Magdi H. Yacoub and Emma J. Birks; 12. Patient selection and indications for lung transplantation Janet R. Maurer; 13. Single and bilateral lung transplantation John Dark; 14. Combined heart and lung transplantation Rosemary Radley-Smith, Asghar Khaghani and Nicholas R. Banner; 15. Anaesthesia and intensive care Michael J. Boscoe and Shane J. George; 16. Medical management Paul A. Corris; 17. Immunological mechanisms of graft injury Marlene L. Rose and Ian V. Hutchinson; 18. Pharmacological immunosuppression Nicholas R. Banner and Haifa Lyster; 19. Chronic lung allograft dysfunction Marshall I. Hertz; 20. Infectious complications Keith McNeil, Juliet Foweraker and Tim Wreghitt; 21. Cytomegalovirus infection Nicholas R. Banner; 22. Imaging R. Jane Chambers; 23. Transplant pathology Margaret M. Burke; 24. Haematology David Cummins; 25. Psychology Claire N. Hallas and Jo Wray; 26. The current status of lung transplantation Allan R. Glanville; Part III. Future Directions: 27. Tissue engineering Larry L. Hench, Julian R. Jones, Rubia F. S. Lenza and Wander L. V. Vasconcelos; 28. Xenotransplantation Agnes M. Azimzadeh, Carsten Schroeder and Richard N. Pierson III; 29. The artificial lung Brack G. Hattler and William J. Federspiel; Index.


'The authors gently guide you into the topic with a potted historical overview and then reacquaint you with basic immunology in a way that you wish you had been taught as an undergraduate … In all the book was a pleasure to review. It answered many a burning question.' Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine

'… an excellent resource book that has the potential to become the go to reference text for lung transplantation. It is a 'must have' for all transplant pulmonologists, coordinators and surgeons and a 'nice to have' for all other pulmonologists, transplant psychiatrists and social workers.' Journal of Transplant Coordination


Stuart Rich, Richard C. Trembath, Rachel Harrison, Anne E. Bishop, Julia M. Polak, Norbert F. Voelkel, Rubin M. Tuder, Carlyne Cool, Mark Geraci, Robert Quaife, Michael Bristow,Gordon L. Snider, Duncan C. S. Hutchison, Mary T. Keogan, Margaret E. Hodson, R. M. du Bois, Susan Stewart, Magdi H. Yacoub, Emma J Birks, Janet R. Maurer, John Dark, Rosemary Radley-Smith, Asghar Khaghani, Nicholas R. Banner, Michael J. Boscoe, Shane J. George, Paul A. Corris, Marlene L. Rose, Ian V. Hutchinson, Haifa Lyster, Marshall I. Hertz, Keith McNeil, Juliet Foweraker, Tim Wreghitt, R. Jane Chambers, Margaret M. Burke, David Cummins, Claire N. Hallas, Jo Wray, Allan R. Glanville, Larry L. Hench, Julian R. Jones, Rubia F. S. Lenza, Wander L. V. Vasconcelos, Agnes M. Azimzadeh, Carsten Schroeder, Richard N. Pierson III, Brack G. Hattler, William J. Federspiel

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