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Internal Flow


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521036726)

This book describes the analysis and behaviour of internal flows encountered in propulsion systems, fluid machinery (compressors, turbines and pumps) and ducts (diffusers, nozzles and combustion chambers). The focus is on phenomena that are important in setting the performance of a broad range of fluid devices. The authors show that even for complex processes one can learn a great deal about the behaviour of such devices from a clear understanding and rigorous use of basic principles. Throughout the book they illustrate theoretical principles by reference to technological applications. The strong emphasis on fundamentals, however, means that the ideas presented can be applied beyond internal flow to other types of fluid motion. The book equips students and practising engineers with a range of new analytical tools. These tools offer enhanced interpretation and application of both experimental measurements and the computational procedures that characterize modern fluids engineering.

• Provides insights by explaining key principles with reference to a broad range of applications • Develops the ability of the reader to interpret, and thus use more effectively, experimental measurements and modern techniques of computational fluid dynamics • Authors have a broad range of experience, spanning the spectrum from dealing with applications in an industrial environment to teaching them to students and engineers


Preface; Acknowledgements; Conventions and nomenclature; 1. Equations of motion; 2. Some useful basic ideas; 3. Vorticity and circulation; 4. Boundary layers and free shear layers; 5. Loss sources and loss accounting; 6. Unsteady flow; 7. Flow in rotating passages; 8. Swirling flow; 9. Generation of streamwise vorticity and three-dimensional flow; 10. Compressible internal flow; 11. Flow with heat addition; 12. Non-uniform flow in fluid components; References; Supplementary references appearing in figures; Index.


'… this book is a refreshing experience … the distinct perspective that the authors bring to the subject will be appreciated by all readers. … the book is a must for all graduate students and will appeal to researchers entering the field of turbomachinery. It will serve well students on courses where the subject is taught. The book, due to its clear presentation of fundamentals and the key examples from applications, may also be of instructional value to students on general fluid mechanics courses.' Journal of Fluid Mechanics

'This book provides an authoritative compilation of knowledge relating to internal flows … The book is well and clearly written with clear derivation of the equations … the overall impression of this book is of a thorough presentation, carefully written and illustrated, and providing a very good starting point for the exploration of questions relating to internal flows.' Measurement and Control

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