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Electronic and Optoelectronic Properties of Semiconductor Structures

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  • 30 tables 199 exercises
  • Page extent: 560 pages
  • Size: 247 x 174 mm
  • Weight: 0.876 kg


 (ISBN-13: 9780521035743)

A graduate textbook presenting the underlying physics behind devices that drive today's technologies. The book covers important details of structural properties, bandstructure, transport, optical and magnetic properties of semiconductor structures. Effects of low-dimensional physics and strain - two important driving forces in modern device technology - are also discussed. In addition to conventional semiconductor physics the book discusses self-assembled structures, mesoscopic structures and the developing field of spintronics. The book utilizes carefully chosen solved examples to convey important concepts and has over 250 figures and 200 homework exercises. Real-world applications are highlighted throughout the book, stressing the links between physical principles and actual devices. Electronic and Optoelectronic Properties of Semiconductor Structures provides engineering and physics students and practitioners with complete and coherent coverage of key modern semiconductor concepts. A solutions manual and set of viewgraphs for use in lectures are available for instructors, from

• Detailed coverage of the latest semiconductor devices, linking theoretical concepts with real-world applications • Includes numerous worked examples and homework exercises • Solutions and viewgraphs are available for instructors, from


Preface; Introduction; 1. Structural properties of semiconductors; 2. Semiconductor bandstructure; 3. Bandstructure modifications; 4. Transport: general formalism; 5. Defect and carrier-carrier scattering; 6. Lattice vibrations: phonon scattering; 7. Velocity-field relations in semiconductors; 8. Coherence, disorder and mesoscopic systems; 9. Optical properties of semiconductors; 10. Excitonic effects and modulation of optical properties; 11. Semiconductors in magnetic fields; Appendices; Index.


'I have often recommended Singh's texts in the past, and I intend to do the same with this present one … represents good value for money …' Contemporary Physics

'The book is capable of being used for a classical course on semiconductor physics or a more specialized course on advanced topics … The writing style is clear and concise and the figures are of high quality … this book is a welcome addition to the textbooks available on semiconductor physics. it has been written with great thought placed on the presentation of the material … Importantly, it has a price accessible to students and will retain its value for many years to come.' Materials Today

'Professor Singh has produced another excellent volume that will be a valuable source for both new entrants and the established in the field of optoelectronic semiconductor structures.' IEEE Circuits and Devices Magazine

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