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Emergency Neurology


  • 210 b/w illus. 120 tables
  • Page extent: 636 pages
  • Size: 275 x 215 mm
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521034289)

Reflecting the central place of neurological evaluation and management in the daily practice of emergency medicine, this clinician's reference systematically reviews the main interventions in emergency neurology at all levels of emergency care, from prehospital management through the emergency department, to final disposition of the patient. The book is in seven sections, each integrating neurological concepts with the practical realities and demands of emergency care, and extending from the neurological examination and neurodiagnostic testing through common neurological presentations to specific neurological conditions and recent developments in brain resuscitation. Pediatric neurology and neurological emergencies of pregnancy are fully covered. Generously illustrated with scans and line diagrams, it also features management algorithms for many conditions, and each chapter ends with a list of 'pearls and pitfalls'. It is a comprehensive survey of best practice for emergency physicians, neurologists, and residents in emergency medicine, neurology, neurosurgery and critical care.

• Comprehensive coverage of all neurological emergencies, from prehospital care to patient disposition • Chapters jointly authored by neurologists and emergency physicians • Practical approach for clinicians, with many illustrations, treatment guidelines, and 'pearls and pitfalls' for each topic


Preface; Foreword; Acknowledgments; List of contributors; Part I. Neurological Examination and Neurodiagnostic Testing: 1. The neurological examination Thomas F. Scott; 2. Neuroradiology Andrew L. Goldberg and Thomas J. Fix; 3. Electroencephalography Ivo Drury and Ahmad Beydoun; 4. Lumbar puncture James P. Valeriano and Douglas J. Gelb; 5. Electromyography James W. Albers and John J. Wald; 6. Electronystagmography Neil T. Shepard; 7. Evoked potentials Navin K. Varma; Part II. Common Neurological Presentations: 8. Altered level of consciousness J. Stephen Huff and William J. Brady; 9. Headache Douglas Gelb, Ashok Harwani and William D. Fales; 10. Weakness George A. Small and Lynn Brown; 11. Dizziness Kevin M. Kelly and Steven A. Telian; 12. Seizures Kevin M. Kelly, James P. Valeriano and Jerald A. Solot; 13. Gait disturbance Jon Brillman and Kathleen Cowling; Part III. Specific Neurological Conditions: 14. Central nervous system infections in adults Paul Blackburn, Oliver W. Hayes and Greg Fermann; 15. Viral encephalitis Earl J. Reisdorff; 16. Cerebrovascular disease Michael R. Frankel and Marc Chimowitz; 17. Movement disorders Sid M. Shah and Roger L. Albin; 18. Neuromuscular disorders James W. Albers and John J. Wald; 19. Musculoskeletal and neurogenic pain Robert G. Kaniecki and L. R. Searls; 20. Neuro-ophthalmology Robert G. Kaniecki and L. R. Searls; 21. Multiple sclerosis Thomas F. Scott and Danielle Ray; 22. Dementia Judith L. Heidebrink and Norman L. Foster; 23. Brain tumours and other neuro-oncological emergencies Herbert B. Newton; 24. Neuropsychiatry Craig A. Taylor and Barbara C. Good; 25. Neuroanesthesiology Kevin J. Gingrich; 26. Increased intracranial pressure Amy Blasen and Ron Jakubiak; 27. Idiopathic intracranial hypertension Eric Eggenberger, Sid M. Shah and Marsha D. Rappley; 28. Normal pressure hydrocephalus Henry R. Landsgaard and Oliver W. Hayes; 29. Sleep disorders A. Sinan Baran; Part IV. Neurological Trauma and Environmental Emergencies: 30. Traumatic brain injury Patricia Lanter and Brian Zink; 31. Spinal cord injuries Charles H. Bill II; 32. Peripheral nerve injuries Ario Keyarash and Mark Baratz; 33. Neurological complications of environmental emergencies David Rossi and David Overton; Part V. Pediatric Neurological Emergencies: 34. Hydrocephalus and shunts in children Stephen Guertin; 35. Pediatric infections of the central nervous system Jane L. Turner; 36. Pediatric cerebrovascular disorders Imad Jarjour; 37. Pediatric seizures Rae R. Hanson; 38. Hypotonic infant Marsha D. Rappley and Sid M. Shah; Part VI. Pregnancy-Related Neurological Emergencies: 39. Pregnancy-related neurological emergencies Mary Hughes; Part VII. Neurotoxicology and Brain Resuscitation: 40. Neurotoxicology Mary Beth Miller; 41. Neurotoxicology of alcohol and substances of abuse Scott R. Zittel, Mary Ellen Wermuth, Brent Furbee and Mary Beth Miller; 42. Neurotoxicology of envenomations Janet G. H. Eng, Robert J. Prodinger and David J. Castle; 43. Brain resuscitation W. Lee Warren and James E. Wilberger Jr; Index.


'This book should be a mandatory read for any clinician preparing for a postgraduate examination that may include the immediate management of the neurological emergency. In addition, it is a very useful reference text for the more experienced clinician. By virtue of its format, it is just as easy to dip in to this book to find out specific information, as it is to sit down and read around a whole subject. As mentioned previously, neurological presentations tend to cause a significant amount of anxiety in emergency physicians. This book will hopefully help to demystify what is actually a logical and interesting aspect to the emergency department caseload.' Resuscitation

'… well written with the emergency physician in mind … I recommend Emergency Neurology: Principles and Practice for inclusion in the libraries of emergency physicians and as a teaching reference for emergency medicine residents and out-of-hospital care providers.' Selim Suner, MD, MS, Brown University


Thomas F. Scott, Andrew L. Goldberg, Thomas J. Fix, Ivo Drury, Ahmad Beydoun, James P. Valeriano, Douglas J. Gelb, James W. Albers, John J. Wald, Neil T. Shepard, Navin K. Varma, J. Stephen Huff, William J. Brady, Ashok Harwani, William D. Fales, George A. Small, Lynn Brown, Kevin M. Kelly, Steven A. Telian, Jerald A. Solot, Jon Brillman, Kathleen Cowling, Paul Blackburn, Oliver W. Hayes, Greg Fermann, Earl J. Reisdorff, Michael R. Frankel, Marc Chimowitz, Sid M. Shah, Roger L. Albin, Robert G. Kaniecki, L. R. Searls, Danielle Ray, Judith L. Heidebrink, Norman L. Foster, Herbert B. Newton, Craig A. Taylor, Barbara C. Good, Kevin J. Gingrich, Amy Blasen, Ron Jakubiak, Eric Eggenberger, Marsha D. Rappley, Henry R. Landsgaard, A. Sinan Baran, Patricia Lanter, Brian Zink, Charles H. Bill II, Ario Keyarash, Mark Baratz, David Rossi, David Overton, Stephen Guertin, Jane L. Turner, Imad Jarjour, Rae R. Hanson, Mary Hughes, Mary Beth Miller, Scott R. Zittel, Mary Ellen Wermuth, Brent Furbee, Janet G. H. Eng, Robert J. Prodinger, David J. Castle, W. Lee Warren, James E. Wilberger Jr

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