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Gene Therapy in the Treatment of Cancer


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521033510)

The clinical applications of human gene therapy have been particularly fruitful in oncology, and in the last few decades there has been explosive growth in understanding of the genetic lesions leading to neoplasia. This volume in the series Cancer: Clinical Science in Practice reviews progress in the basic and clinical science of gene therapy in oncology, and looks forward to future developments. It considers what has worked and what has not in the fast-evolving field of gene therapy, drawing on laboratory studies and clinical trials, including the work of the contributors themselves. Topical and authoritative, volumes in this series are intended for a wide audience of clinicians and researchers with an interest in the applications of biomedical science to the understanding and management of cancer.

• Cancer is the biggest target worldwide for gene therapy, an interesting, far-reaching treatment approach • Documents preclinical and clinical progress • Covers biological principles and practical concerns, including safety


Contributors; Preface; 1. Introduction: gene therapy approaches to cancer Brian E. Huber; 2. Principles of transformation-directed cancer therapy Ian Magrath and Kishor Bhatia; 3. Vectors for cancer gene therapy Prem Seth; 4. Genetically engineering drug sensitivity and drug resistance for the treatment of cancer Brian E. Huber; 5. Oncogene inactivation and replacement strategies for cancer Jack A. Roth; 6. Genetically modified tumor cells as tumor vaccines John C. Krauss, Suyu Shu and Alfred E. Chang; 7. Genetically modified lymphocytes and hematopoietic stem cells as therapeutic vehicles Patrick J. Geraghty and James J. Mulé; 8. Pharmacologic effects of oligonucleotides and some clinical applications Leonard M. Neckers and Kanak Iyer; 9. Current status of gene marking and gene therapy in oncology clinical trials Cynthia A. Richards; 10. Safety testing for gene therapy products J. Patrick Condreay; Index.


Brian E. Huber, Ian Magrath, Kishor Bhatia, Prem Seth, Jack A. Roth, John C. Krauss, Suyu Shu, Alfred E. Chang, Patrick J. Geraghty, James J. Mulé, Leonard M. Neckers, Kanak Iyer, Cynthia A. Richards, J. Patrick Condreay

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