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Drug Resistance in the Treatment of Cancer


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521030748)

The development of drug-resistant cancers is considered to be the most significant obstacle to the cure of cancer today. Nearly half of all patients with cancer suffer from tumours that are intrinsically resistant to chemotherapy, and most of the remaining half develop drug resistance during the course of their treatment. This book reviews the mechanisms and clinical implications of drug resistance in cancer with unrivalled authority. Chapters cover topics of current clinical concern, including multiple drug resistance and its reversal, topoisomerase drugs, apoptosis, dose intensity and escalation, gene therapy and haematopoietic support. The authors are among the leading clinicians and investigators in the field. These authoritative volumes in this series are intended for a wide audience of clinicians and researchers with an interest in the applications of biomedical science to the understanding and management of cancer.

• Topic of major concern to all clinicians treating cancer • Covers more recent developments, including gene therapy • Contributors are leading scientific and clinical authorities


List of contributors; Series editor's preface; Abbreviations; 1. Resistance mechanisms to antimetabolites Erdem Göker, Richard Gorlick and Joseph R. Bertino; 2. Resistance to antitumor alkylating agents and cisplatin Beverly A. Teicher and Emil Frei III; 3. The MDR genes Lyn Mickley and Antonio Tito Fojo; 4. Topoisomerase genes and resistance to topoisomerase inhibitors Giuseppe Giaccone; 5. Genes that modulate apoptosis: major determinants of drug resistance John A. Hickman; 6. Clinical implications of drug resistance Henk M. W. Verheul and Herbert M. Pinedo; 7. The reversal of multidrug resistance William S. Dalton; 8. Effect of dose and schedule on chemotherapeutic drug resistance David Fennelly, George Raptis, John P. A. Crown and Larry Norton; 9. Circumvention of drug resistance by high-dose chemotherapy in solid tumors Elisabeth G. E. de Vries, Wil Dolsma, Geke A. P. Hospers and Nanno H. Mulder; 10. Enhancing drug effectiveness by gene transfer Karol Sikora; Index.


'… recommended for clinical oncologists, who will find extensive information on this topic which is seldom to be found in oncology textbooks.' Annals of Oncology

'The strength of the book is related to the weaknesses described above. Multiple knowledgeable authors review topics related to drug resistance. Some of the authors primarily review their own work, while others try and update the reader on significant contributions from others. The book accomplishes what it is supposed to; it provides a way for the reader to learn and somewhat update his/her knowledge of drug resistance.' Howard Bailey, Madison, Wisconsin


Erdem Göker, Richard Gorlick, Joseph R. Bertino, Beverly A. Teicher, Emil Frei III, Lyn Mickley, Antonio Tito Fojo, Giuseppe Giaccone, John A. Hickman, Henk M. W. Verheul, Herbert M. Pinedo, William S Dalton, David Fennelly, George Raptis, John P. A. Crown, Larry Norton, Elisabeth G. E. de Vries, Wil Dolsma, Geke A. P. Hospers, Nanno H. Mulder, Karol Sikora

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