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Late Palaeozoic and Early Mesozoic Circum-Pacific Events and their Global Correlation


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521025973)

The interval between the Carboniferous and Jurassic is marked by major changes in the structure and character of the Earth, associated with massive earthquakes, volcanic activity, and large scale changes of life at the Permian-Triassic and the Triassic-Jurassic boundaries. In this volume, an international assemblage of geologists reveals a wide range of information about these events in the circum-Pacific, as a conclusion to International Geological Correlation Programme Project 272. They explore the nature of the changes in the Late Palaeozoic and Early Mesozoic, and suggest issues for future investigation through the study of palaeontology, biostratigraphy, tectonics, magmatic and volcanic development, ore deposition, palaeography and climate. As the circum-Pacific region becomes increasingly important for hydrocarbon and mineral exploration, this book will be an invaluable resource for researchers and students.

• Correlation and description of world-wide geological events in the Carboniferous to beginning of Jurassic • Detailed geological information from circum-Pacific region; some results from the Far East appear for the first time in English • Covers relationship of events and changes in biostratigraphy with ore deposition


List of contributors; Preface; 1. Major global change: framework for the modern world J. M. Dickins, Yang Zunyi and Yin Hongfu; 2. Carboniferous-to-Triassic evolution of the Panthalassan margin in southern South America Oscar R. López-Gamundí and Christoph Breitkreuz; 3. Permian and Triassic geologic events in Sonora, northwestern Mexico Carlos González-León, Spencer G. Lucas and Jaime Roldán-Quintana; 4. Advances in the correlation of the Permian Galina V. Kotlyar; 5. Examples of late Hercynian transtensional tectonics in the Southern Alps (Italy) G. Cassinis, C. R. Perotti and C. Venturini; 6. Succession of selected bioevents in the continental Permian of the Southern Alps (Italy): improvements in intrabasinal and interregional correlations Maria Alessandra Conti, Nino Mariotti, Umberto Nicosia and Paola Pittau; 7. Permian chronostratigraphic subdivisions and events in China Yang Zunyi, Zhan Lipei, Yang Jiduan and Wu Shunbao; 8. Indosinian Tectogeny in the geological correlation of Vietnam and adjacent regions J. M. Dickins and Phan Cu Tien; 9. Sitsa flora from the Permian of South Primorye Vera G. Zimina; 10. Late Permian bimodal volcanism in South Primorye Alexander A. Vrzhosek; 11. Syngenetic and epigenetic mineral deposits in the Permian and Triassic sequences of the Primorye region Lev N. Khetchikov, Ivan V. Burij, Vitaliy G. Gvozdev, Vadim G. Khomich, Vladimir V. Ivanov, Vera A. Pakhomova and Vladimir V. Ratkin; 12. The mid-Permian: major changes in geology, environment, and faunas and some evolutionary implications J. M. Dickins; 13. Variations in the disappearance patterns of rugosan corals in Tethys and their implications for environments at the end of the Permian Yoichi Ezaki; 14. Fluctuations in pelagic environments near the Permian-Triassic boundary in the Mino-Tamba Terrane, southwestern Japan Yoichi Ezaki and Kiyoko Kuwahara; 15. Late Changxingian ammonoids, bivalves and brachiopods in South Primorye Yuri D. Zakharov, Alexander Oleinikov and Galina V. Kotlyar; 16. Radiolaria from Permian-Triassic boundary beds in cherty deposits of Primorye (Sikhote-Alin) Valeria S. Rudenko, Eugene S. Panasenko and Sergey W. Rybalka; 17. Early Mesozoic magnetism in the Russian Far East Vladimir G. Sakhno; 18. Transgressive conodont faunas of the early Triassic: an opportunity for correlation in the Tethys and the circum-Pacific Rachel K. Paull and Richard A. Paull; 19. Triassic biostratigraphy and palaeobiogeography of East Asia Yin Hongfu; 20. Classification and correlation of Triassic limestones in Sikhote-Alin on the basis of corals Tatiana A. Punina; 21. Evolution of the platform elements of the conodont genus Metapolygnathus and their distribution in the Upper Triassic of Sikhote-Alin Galina I. Buryi; 22. Late Triassic North American halobiid bivalves: diversity trends and circum-Pacific correlations Christopher A. McRoberts; 23. Upper Triassic Chinle Group, Western United States: a nonmarine standard for late Triassic time Spencer G. Lucas; 24. Otapirian stage: its fauna and microflora J. D. Campbell; 25. Upper Paleozoic glaciation and Carboniferous and Permian faunal changes in Argentina C. R. González; Index.


J. M. Dickins, Yang Zunyi, Yin Hongfu, Oscar R. López-Gamundí, Christoph Breitkreuz, Carlos González-León, Spencer G. Lucas, Jaime Roldán-Quintana, Galina V. Kotlyar, G. Cassinis, C. R. Perotti, C. Venturini, Maria Alessandra Conti, Nino Mariotti, Umberto Nicosia, Paola Pittau, Zhan Lipei, Yang Jiduan, Wu Shunbao, Phan Cu Tien, Vera G. Zimina, Alexander A. Vrzhosek, Lev N. Khetchikov, Ivan V. Burij, Vitaliy G. Gvozdev, Vadim G. Khomich, Vladimir V. Ivanov, Vera A. Pakhomova, Vladimir V. Ratkin, Yoichi Ezaki, Kiyoko Kuwahara, Yuri D. Zakharov, Alexander Oleinikov, Valeria S. Rudenko, Eugene S. Panasenko, Sergey W. Rybalka, Vladimir G. Sakhno, Rachel K. Paull, Richard A. Paull, Tatiana A. Punina, Galina I. Buryi, Christopher A. McRoberts, Spencer G. Lucas, J. D. Campbell, C. R. González

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