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Sea Breeze and Local Winds


  • 174 b/w illus.
  • Page extent: 252 pages
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521025959)

The sea breeze affects our lives in many ways. It controls our local weather, not only on the coast but also in many districts inland. Air pollution and smog, also the distribution of airborne insect pests and the spread of pollen are all controlled by the sea breeze. In the world of sport it is important to glider pilots, sailors and surfers, and balloonists. In the book we see how radar, lidar and satellite photography have helped to forecast and map sea breezes and the all-important 'sea-breeze front'. The book ends with a description of laboratory experiments mostly carried out by the author and his co-workers, and a simple summary of theoretical models. The book will be welcomed by those researching in the subject but will also be valuable to the general reader who is interested in local weather and the natural environment.

• For a broad audience from general readers to students and researchers • Extensively illustrated • Useful to surfers, sailors and balloonists who can learn how to predict the weather using the sea breeze


Foreword; Preface; 1. The sea breeze; 2. Formation of the sea breeze; 3. Sea-breeze fronts; 4. Sea-breeze forecasting; 5. Other local winds; 6. Air quality; 7. Sea breeze interactions; 8. Life and the sea breeze; 9. Sports; 10. Technology: field measurements of the sea-breeze; 11. Laboratory measurements; 12. Theoretical models; References; Index.


'Simpson's crisp written style and unparalleled knowledge of all aspects of sea breezes enables us to see the atmosphere with new eyes.' New Scientist

'The book is very well finished. Its coverage, written style and good use of illustrative material make it appealing to both the non-specialist meteorologist and the lay reader.' Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society

'The book has no competitors. It may be recommended to both the general reader and the professional meteorologist with an interest in, or problem related to, sea breeze.' Deborah J. Abbs, World Meteorological Organization Bulletin

'… good and well-edited … It fills a gap as a comparable volume is presently not available on the market.' Meteorolgische Zeitschrift

'His passion for the subject is infectious …Researchers, in particular, may find the book a motivating reminder of the challenge in modelling the complexity and diversity of gravity currents in the real world.' Journal of Fluid Mechanics

'It is not every specialist who can convey his specialism to the general reader, but the author succeeds well and the book is surely destined to become and remain a leading volume on this specialised but most interesting field … deserves a place in every meterological library and on the bookshelves of any individual for whom this is a topic of special interest.' International Journal of Meteorology

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