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Soils: Basic Concepts and Future Challenges
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 (ISBN-13: 9780511345913)

This book was born as an international tribute to Fiorenzo C. Ugolini, an outstanding soil scientist, now retired from university teaching and research. It is a synthesis of the knowledge of soils, their genesis, functions and management, and includes contributions from leading soil scientists. It provides the basic concepts as well as data and practical examples from across the discipline. The book also discusses the increasingly important role of soils in enabling the preservation of life and contains a rare attempt to cross-harmonize the Soil Groups of the World Reference Base of Soil Resources with the Orders of the Soil Taxonomy. It also considers the possible existence of extraterrestrial soils based on the findings from the last space missions. This volume will be a valuable resource for researchers and students of soil science, soil conservation, geography and landscape ecology.

• Includes clear examples and anecdotes to illustrate the concepts expressed • Contains many practical examples coming from the direct experience of the authors, or from reliable studies that can easily be found by the reader • Presents a list of the plethora of local soil forming factors and quantifies their relative importance on a global scale


1. Concepts of soils Richard W. Arnold; 2. Pedogenic processes and pathways of horizon differentiation Stanley W. Buol; 3. Soil phases: the inorganic solid phase G. Jock Churchman; 4. Soil phases: the organic solid phase Claire Chenu; 5. Soil phases: the liquid phase Randy A. Dahlgren; 6. Soil phases: the gaseous phase Andrey V. Smagin; 7. Soil phases: the living phase Oliver Dilly, Eva-Maria Pfeiffer and Ulrich Irmler; 8. The State Factor theory of soil formation Ronald Amundson; 9. Factors of soil formation: parent material M. Jeff Wilson; 10. Factors of soil formation: climate as exemplified by volcanic ash soils Sadao Shoji, Masami Nanzyo and Tadashi Takahashi; 11. Factors of soil formation: topography Robert C. Graham; 12. Factors of soil formation: biota Francoise Courchesne; 13. Factors of soil formation: time Ewart A. FitzPatrick; 14. Soil formation on Earth and beyond: the role of additional soil forming factors Giacomo Certini and Riccardo Scalenghe; 15. Soil functions and land use Johan Bouma; 16. Physical degradation of soils Michael J. Singer; 17. Chemical degradation of soils Peter Blaser; 18. The future of soil research Anthony C. Edwards.


Review of the hardback: '… this book covers a wide range of topics, contains useful and contemporary information for students and educators as well as for soil scientists.' Il Suolo

Review of the hardback: 'This book is written with the upper level undergraduate students, graduate students, and the teaching staff in mind and should be of value to those working in the areas of soil and water conservation, pedology, geology, geography, geomorphology and landscape ecology.' Soil Science Society of America Journal

Review of the hardback: 'As a student text, this book will be most useful for those final year undergraduate students who have had at least an introduction to the subject … Novices are likely to find the concise summary of each field most helpful in itself and a gateway into the literature. The chapters are well-referenced and up to date.' European Journal of Soil Science


Richard W. Arnold, Stanley W. Buol, G. Jock Churchman, Claire Chenu, Randy A. Dahlgren, Andrey V. Smagin, Oliver Dilly, Eva-Maria Pfeiffer, Ulrich Irmler, Ronald Amundson, M. Jeff Wilson, Sadao Shoji, Masami Nanzyo, Tadashi Takahashi, Robert C. Graham, Francoise Courchesne, Ewart A. FitzPatrick, Giacomo Certini, Riccardo Scalenghe, Johan Bouma, Michael J. Singer, Peter Blaser, Anthony C. Edwards

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