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A Practical Guide to Human Cancer Genetics
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 (ISBN-13: 9780511345708)

The 2006 third edition of this very successful book provides a comprehensive and practical guide to the diagnosis and management of inherited disorders conferring susceptibility to cancer. Issues discussed include risk assessment, genetic counselling, predictive testing and organisation of a cancer genetics service. A full reference list gives access to background literature. With molecular information, screening guidelines and management advice, this new edition will provide geneticists and clinicians in all disciplines with an invaluable resource for screening, managing and advising patients.

• Provides a wide-ranging perspective on health care provision with authors from North America and Europe • Deals with genetic counselling for families at risk of cancer susceptibility • Practical and comprehensive guide to management of familial cancer susceptibility


Part I: 1. Genetic counselling in a familial cancer clinic; Part II. Genetics of Human Cancers by Site of Origin: 2. Central nervous system; 3. Eye; 4. Cardiorespiratory system and thorax; 5. Endocrine system; 6. Gastrointestinal system; 7. Reproductive system; 8. Urinary system; 9. Blood and lymph; 10. Musculoskeletal system; 11. Skin; Part III: 12. Inherited cancer-predisposing syndromes.


Reviews of the first edition: ' As a clinician practicing in the field, if I had to choose one book, it would be this one.' Human Genetics

'The chapters are concise, well written, and extensively outlined.' Oncology

'This book is highly recommended as a reference source to students, practitioners, and specialists. It will serve as an excellent starting point to discuss genetic disorders with patients.' Oncology

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