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Electronic and Optical Properties of d-Band Perovskites
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 (ISBN-13: 9780511345678)

The perovskite family of oxides includes a vast array of insulators, metals, and semiconductors. Current intense scientific interest stems from the large number of diverse phenomena exhibited by these materials including pseudo two-dimensional electronic energy bands, high temperature superconductivity, metal-insulator transitions, piezoelectricity, magnetism, photochromic, and catalytic activity. This book is the first text devoted to a comprehensive theory of the solid-state properties of these fascinating materials. The text includes complete descriptions of the important energy bands, photoemission, surface states, and the chapter on high-temperature superconductors explores the electronic states in typical copper-oxide materials. Theoretical results are compared to experiment and discussed throughout the book. With problem sets included, this is a unified, logical treatment of fundamental perovskite solid-state chemistry which will appeal to graduate students and researchers alike.

• First book on d-band perovskites and only text that gives theory of surface states of perovskites • Problem sets at the end of each chapter • Uses theory common to materials scientists, chemists and physicists


1. Discussion of the perovskites; 2. N-electron systems; 3. Empirical LCAO model; 4. LCAO model for cubic perovskites; 5. Bands at symmetry points; 6. Density of states; 7. Optical properties; 8. Photoemission from perovskites; 9. Surface states on perovskites; 10. Distorted perovskites; 11. High-temperature superconductors; A. Physical constants; B. The delta function; C. Lattice Green's function; D. Surface and bulk Madelung potentials for the ABO3 structure.

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