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Psychoeducation Manual for Bipolar Disorder
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 (ISBN-13: 9780511345647)

Although the mainstay of bipolar therapy is drug treatment, psychoeducation is a technique that has proven to be very effective as an add-on to medication, helping to reduce the number of all types of bipolar recurrences and hospitalisation. The object is to improve patients' understanding of the disorder and therefore their adherence to pharmacotherapy. Based on the highly successful, evidence-based Barcelona program, this book is a pragmatic, therapists' guide for how to implement psychoeducation for bipolar patients. It gives practical guidance for how to conduct a psychoeducation group, using sessions and cases drawn from the Barcelona Psychoeducation Program. Moreover, it provides the reader with a great amount of practical tips and tricks and specific techniques to maximize the benefits of bipolar psychoeducation. The authors formed the first group to show the efficacy of psychoeducation as a maintenance treatment and have a long history of performing bipolar psychoeducation.

• Based on the world-famous, evidence-based Barcelona program • Written by founders of the Barcelona Program who have over a decade's experience in implementing it • Highly practical guide to implementing psychoeducation using the Barcelona sessions and cases


Foreword; Preface; Part I. Clinical, Diagnostic, and Therapeutic Aspects of Bipolar Disorder: Part II. Concept and Methodology of Psychoeducation: Part III. Psychoeducation Program: Unit 1. Awareness of the disorder; Unit 2. Drug adherence; Unit 3. Avoiding substance abuse; Unit 4. Early detection of new episodes; Unit 5. Regular habits and stress management; Final note; Bibliography.


'This is clearly written and user-friendly psychological treatment manual for patients with bipolar disorder … the authors have done a brilliant job in developing such a thorough psychoeducation programme. I would recommend anyone interested in working with patients with bipolar illness to buy this book.' British Journal of Psychiatry

'Colom and his colleagues in Barcelona urge us to adopt a group psychoeducational approach. This book is a very practical guide to doing exactly that. … The book is peppered with anecdotes about the authors' experience of running the program and dealing with difficulties. … The book is sufficient for those with a thorough knowledge of bipolar disorder to use it as an off-the-shelf course and it lives up to its label as a manual. … I suspect that in my local service, we will be making good use of this book as it appears easily adaptable to a wide range of people with bipolar disorder.' Psychological Medicine

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