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Dynamics of Particles and Rigid Bodies
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 (ISBN-13: 9780511345517)

This 2006 book is intended for undergraduate courses in dynamics. The work is a unique blend of conceptual, theoretical, and practical aspects of dynamics generally not found in dynamics books at the undergraduate level. In particular, in this book the concepts are developed in a highly rigorous manner and are applied to examples using a step-by-step approach that is completely consistent with the theory. In addition, for clarity, the notation used to develop the theory is identical to that used to solve example problems. The result of this approach is that a student is able to see clearly the connection between the theory and the application of theory to example problems. While the material is not new, instructors and their students will appreciate the highly pedagogical approach that aids in the mastery and retention of concepts. The approach used in this book teaches a student to develop a systematic approach to problem-solving.

• Rigorous, systematic, introduction which presents theory and examples at the same level • Uses a step-by-step vector approach to problem solving • Contains numerous examples and end-of-chapter exercises


1. Introductory concepts; 2. Kinematics; 3. Kinetics of particles; 4. Kinetics of a system of particles; 5. Kinetics of rigid bodies; A. Principal-axis moments of inertia of homogeneous bodies; B. Identities, derivatives, integrals and gradient; C. Answers to selected problems; Bibliography.

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