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Learning Medicine
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 (ISBN-13: 9780511343506)

Whatever your background, whether you are a school-leaver or a mature student, if you are interested in finding out more about being a doctor, medical-school life and the details of how to get a place at medical school, this is the book for you. It has been in continuous publication since 1983 and the 17th edition has once again been completely revised throughout to update the practical details about medical-school entry as well as the latest changes in the curriculum. Also, in this edition, for the first time, the legal pitfalls facing medical students and doctors are set out in a chapter by a barrister with immense experience of doctors in difficulty. Written by a leading academic, a GP, a barrister and a graduate medical student, this definitive careers guide gives a true insight into life as a student and what it means to be a doctor.

• Contains everything required by the aspirant in medical training and also answers questions which probably wouldn't be thought about • Takes the reader through an entire career in medicine, from school to GP or consultant • Witty and entertaining guide to the pros and cons of deciding to study medicine


Foreword Roger Bannister; 1. Why medicine and why not; 2. Opportunity and reality; 3. Requirements for entry; 4. Choosing a medical school; 5. Application and selection; 6. Interviews; 7. Medical school: the early years; 8. Medical school: the later years; 9. Doubts; 10. The house officer; 11. Choosing a specialty; 12. Career opportunities; 13. Privilege and responsibilities: avoiding the pitfalls; Postscript; Appendices; Index.


Review of the previous edition from School Librarian 'This is a first-rate book which must be read by anyone considering a career in any discipline in medicine, because it is an entire way of life. The book is full of common sense and knowledge.' Sheila Allen

'This little volume (the 14th edition) contains everything that is required by the aspirant in medical training and also answers questions which probably would not be thought about. Particularly valuable are the details of specialisation and the requirements for this. This little volume is a must for all students (and their parents!).' C. D. Forbes, Scottish Medical Journal

'… provides an easy-to-read, witty and intelligent outline of the pros and cons of deciding to study medicine … A must-read for anyone considering the long haul through medical school, and a refreshingly reasoned justification for doing so if you are somewhat jaded now.' E. Tickle, Journal of the Royal Naval Medical Service

'Learning Medicine is not just a book to get the eager A-level student past UCAS forms and interviews but a very accurate and above all balanced description of the study and practice of medicine. This book really helps the reader decide if a career in medicine would suit them and the authors' skilful use of anecdotes illustrates all their points well. The later chapters are an excellent resource for current medical students, providing a detailed description of post-graduate career pathways and the choices that have to be made. This is very useful as a lot of medical students are confused about the format of the new foundation years and, in addition, what opportunities are open to you when deciding on an area to specialise in.' Archie McNair, 2nd year medical student, Newcastle University

'Learning Medicine approaches the somewhat daunting process of applying to and surviving medical school in a logical and readable manner, giving clear explanations about the different styles of courses and teaching methods used by different institutions. However, it goes further than that, and clarifies the minefield that is the medical career ladder.' Amy Reimoser, 3rd year clinical student, Brighton & Sussex Medical School

'So, why do you want to become a doctor? Any prospective medical student would be well advised to have read this book before answering this question at interview.' Daniel Pearlman, 2nd year medical student, University of East Anglia

'In conclusion, Learning Medicine should be regarded as an indispensable guide for all those thinking about a career in medicine and those practising.' Dr Victoria Snowdon, SHO Medicine, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth

'Learning Medicine is a must read for medical school hopefuls, an invaluable one for current medical students, and an engaging one for junior doctors. Buy it, read it and in the years to come, dip into it whenever you cannot seem to recall if not the 'how', the 'why' of studying medicine.' Cambridge Student

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